TCM April: Festival Season + Spring In Full Swing

If April’s arrival hasn’t convinced you that it’s absolutely, officially spring, festival season is just two weeks away and will wipe all residual doubt from your mind.

From baby greens to actual babies, we couldn’t be happier about everything that spring brings with it. We’re also feeling quite good about having quintessential L.A. girl, Whitney Port with us this month to fuel our warm weather crop-top aspirations and keep us in the cool, balanced mood she’s known for.

After all, if you haven’t heard, this summer promises to be the season of #noFoMo and – since we already feel sheepish about using the term #fomo now, in spring – we’d rather introduce the concept early, before it becomes completely passe next season.

We’re all about feeling great, looking lithe, and living well here at TCM, but, if you’ve noticed, you’ll rarely see the words “weight loss” here on our site and we’ve gone to great lengths to keep it that way. We have major opinions on the best way to drop lbs., but we’d rather focus most of our energy on encouraging healthful habits that inevitably help each of us reach states of glowy equilibrium.

The tips Whitney is sharing with us this month are all about that balanced lifestyle. Whitney knows how to break a sweat, but she also knows how to throw a dinner party (watch our Instagram for more.) We love throwing a cool girl like Whitney into the mix, just after introducing you to functional medicine pioneer, Dr. Mark Hyman. This is that Chalkboard life if all about – a little hard-core education followed up with advice that will make you feel like the next queen of Coachella.

Speaking of festival season, the incredible, fringey fanny pack situation featured in the image above comes to us from Hipsters for Sisters. If we could, we’d take over the entirety of The Shop this month with this one item: it’s fringed, it lets you go hands-free, and it looks pretty boss with a pair of baggy ReDone cutoffs, if you ask us. What more does a girl need? Glad you asked. Watch for our upcoming round-up of exactly that.

Other going-ons this month include our Earth Month Eco-Challenge. We’re sharing tips for every single day of the month, because, if you’re anything like us, one day just isn’t enough and we need a longer period of time to mull over our habits at home and how they’re affecting the planet. There’s nothing too kooky here, we’re talking practical ideas and workable changes with green pro, Ashlee Piper. Follow along and let us know what you think!

Have you visited the Spring Shop? See our round-up of dreamy pieces for the spring home, sexy sportswear for the gym and a few wellness tools we’re loving now…

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