Ever wished you could move into one of Anthropologie’s well-styled window displays? Us too. While our dreams of napping under a papier-mâchéd flutter of butterflies might not be feasible, these in-store Anthropologie workshops with local artisans are the next best thing.

Last week, the ladies of Botany Flowers filled this Anthropologie location with organic wildflowers from Silver Lake Farms, a local grower whose flowers are now sold at their new Pasadena shop. Workshop-goers enjoyed a hand’s-on floral arranging class that focused on seasonal flowers – new local varieties bloom every single month of the year! We love seeing this fresh explosion of tiered greens and blooms in one of our favorite stores, along with charming handwritten details by Goldpress Paper.

Silver Lake Farms grows an idyllic mix of organic wildflowers and decorative weeds on their sustainable one-acre farm not far from Downtown LA. Their dreamy acre is, in their own words, filled with “layers and layers of soft pastel petals in deep violets, blues and pinks…delicate dreamy ranunculus and oh so fragrant sweet peas…antique wildflowers, larkspur, Queen Anne’s lace, soft grasses, airy branches.” Don’t you wish this story was scratch-and-sniff?

We asked Botany to share a few floral arranging tips with us and their notes are quite useful! Take their advice to heart, gather a few seasonal blooms and get to filling your home with gorgeous arrangements!

Get Textural

To achieve a natural, fresh-from-the-field look, it’s important to consider both color and texture. Even your choice of vessel can add textural interest; for the workshop, we selected glass hobnail vases. Vintage ceramic cups, empty tea tins or zinc canisters would be great options as well.

Weeding Perks

Don’t overlook common weeds such as Queen Anne’s lace. Their delicate blooms add height and movement to arrangements.

Scrub Stems

When designing at home, always use clean materials. Bacteria will shorten the life of your flowers, so be sure to give your vase and clippers a good scrub. Strip stems of any leaves that will be submerged below the water line.

Build A Base

Begin your arrangement by building an interlocking base of greens to hold your flowers in place. Geranium and flowering oregano are two of our favorite base ingredients.

Cast Your Stars

Next, select your focal flowers. If using wildflowers with small blooms, arrange them in clusters of 3 or 5 to create concentrated pops of color.

Gestures + Movement

The eye likes to travel; create movement in your centerpiece by designing on the diagonal. Asymmetrical arrangements are more dynamic and natural-looking. Include gestural elements like ornamental grasses or seed pods.

Last Glance

When you think you’re almost done with your centerpiece, take a step back and look at it from a distance. This will help you to identify any areas that look bare or need to be balanced.

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