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There’s a natural connection between wellness and beauty, but our pursuit of both can get out of control and lead us to behave harshly toward ourselves. Between fitness protocols and skincare routines, it’s easy to forget what the whole pursuit is about: joy, pleasure, and living our best lives.

I asked Ricari Studios founder, Anna Zahn to talk to us about her unique perspective on the topic. Anna offers some of the most highly sought-after body treatments available here in L.A., and with awards season in full swing, spots like Ricari Studios are booked around the clock. The whole Ricari brand is built on a holistic approach, so how does someone like Anna think about balance when it comes to body image and self-care?ricari method machine by Anna Zahn

Ricari’s high-tech lymphatic drainage and infrared therapy treatment are designed to “boost collagen production, revive circulation, facilitate lymphatic drainage, smooth cellulite and flush puffy inflammation”, all through means that are a total net gain for your health.  You can read more about our review of Ricari HERE.

Here are a few thoughts from Anna on keeping wellness and beauty goals healthfully framed within a sense of graciousness toward self…

3 Ways To Practice Grace with Self
from Anna Zahn of Ricari Studios

We are surrounded by a relentless amount of beauty and wellness narratives. But these narratives often aren’t compassionate to the ever-changing life circumstances we experience. The pressure to achieve some level of perfection as we navigate life’s highs and lows more often leads us to disappointment and self judgment. Whether it’s a red carpet or a big holiday, the pressure to achieve lofty beauty goals can add so much stress, rather than enact long term growth and development.

I hope we can all take some pressure off and invite sustainable shifts, positive intentions, and a more supportive outlook for this year.

As someone who has the privilege to be asked to contribute to platforms like The Chalkboard, it could be easy to slip into a list of recommended routines, products, and activities without highlighting the importance of practicing flexibility, self compassion, and grace towards these endeavors. I believe beauty and self-care should be a joyful experience that allows for flexibility, experimentation, and personal expression.

Instead of sharing a list of to-do’s, I wanted to share some perspectives I practice with myself and recommendations that I’ve aligned with through my own process. I hope this can serve as an invitation to reflect, explore, experiment, delight, and welcome more ease in 2023!

01 Balance the paradox of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ | It’s important to balance focus with space to rest, reflect, enjoy experiences, process challenges, discover inspiration, and explore new methods of self-expression. The excitement of a new project, endeavor, or realization of a dream can often feel like a perpetual call to action, leaving little or no space to step away from execution.

Take a leisurely walk, soak in the bath, watch a transportive movie or simply rest at home — your dreams and goals will still be there when you return to them with a refreshed perspective.

Experiences that let me Be:
+ Nature of Things Relief Balm
+ Ricari Studios Signature 95M Treatment
+ Aromatherapy Associates Linen Spray

02 Embrace failure + discomfort | I believe failure and sitting in discomfort is essential for growth, development, creativity, and innovation. This courage to change (yourself or the world around you) isn’t always easy or joyful, which is why I believe embracing these experiences is so important.

Whether you’re trying to drink a glass of lemon water every morning or launch a rocket into space, failure and discomfort are inevitable. Check in with yourself, embrace this process, and find the courage to continue trying. Integrating the growth and perspective these “failed” experiences provide can open up new opportunities and venues for positive change.

How I support challenge:
+ Headspace Meditation App + Therapy
+ Oura Ring
+ Moon Juice SuperYou, Magnesi-Om, Ting

03 Prioritize pleasure | Living and thriving are two different things, and if you’re in a position to do the latter, why waste that opportunity? La joie de vivre, la bella vita — taking pleasure in your life doesn’t have to cost you anything, but can mean everything. What are we doing here if not making space for joy and pleasure in our lives?

Spending quality time with loved ones, signing up for a fun dance class, or luxuriating in that ten-step skincare routine are few of the many ways we can incorporate more pleasure in our day-to-day. When we are moving through change and challenge, a little time for pleasure can go a long way. Discover what brings you joy and allow yourself the freedom to embrace it.

What brings me joy:
+ Gyrotonic with Lauren Puente
+ Higher Dose Infrared Mat
+ Korean Spa/Olympic Spa – Scrub Treatment and Saunas

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