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There’s no pain quite like the kind that comes with a breakup, especially when you still feel attached to your ex. Can this energetic cord cutting technique help you heal from heartbreak? Accelerate through your post-breakup blues with a simple but powerful ceremony from yogi and Philosophie founder, Sophie Jaffe

Relationships are at the core of our activation here on Earth. They turn a spiritual existence into a physical and human one. The relationships you cultivate in your life matter, but the quality matters most of all. It’s so important to protect your energetic standard and hold yourself to a higher standard with the romantic relationships you bring into your life. Real high-quality romantic relationships help you live up to your potential, while the unhealthy ones bring you down and load you with excess weight. Hold close the relationships that lift you instead of keeping you at a mediocre level. You deserve so much more. And once you decide to end a relationship, don’t be afraid of the solitude that comes from raising your standard’s quality over quantity.

After having kids, I recognized I only have so much energetic space each day and my happiness is my priority. If a relationship takes too much energy (you’ll feel it deep within your body) then it’s time to let it go before it completely drains and depletes you. After the initial breakup, the best thing you can do for your soul is take the time to get rid of the material things that tied you to this person and energetically release the relationship by cutting energetic cords.

What Is Energetic Cord-Cutting?

As spiritual beings, we share energy on a daily basis. They have the power to shift or transform as we grow and evolve over time. Most of the time we find positivity, love and joy with the humans, places and things we bring into our life, but sometimes they create low-vibe energy. In sharing energy we create attachments or energy cords to a relationship that can either elevate us or block our growth.

It’s your choice to decide if a relationship is giving your life power or restricting it. There are people you will effortlessly align with and ones you keep coming to over and over again. Trust the happiness and love this bond brings you. But if you feel the energy is stopping you from living a life of wild abundance, let go. Create the space for more love and gratitude to come in.

Signs of unhealthy and unwanted energy cords in a romantic partnership:
+ Obsessive or “clingy” thoughts or behaviors around a person
+ Negative self-talk or feelings with that relationship
+ Feeling physically drained with that person
+ Not feeling like your true self
+ Holding onto to hurt or pain in a low vibrational way (this is more than just a disagreement or argument that is forgiven and mended)
+ Feeling physically anxious, tired or sick within the relationship

Connect to your intuition and practice self-care rituals in order to help recognize where energy attachments are strengthening or depleting you. The best thing you can do for all involved is to release yourself from giving a relationship your energy and let go.

A Cord-Cutting Ceremony For After A Breakup

A cord-cutting ceremony can be performed with visualization or with the help of physical objects—it’s whatever you feel you need to energetically separate yourself from the bond you created with this person. This should also be done after you cleared out the mental space and accepted that this relationship is no longer serving you. It should be done when you’ve made all necessary actions to cut ties with this person—whether it looks like having an honest conversation with this person, returning belongings, deleting contact info and social media handles, and removing yourself from any social situations with them involved.

Now you’re ready to finally clear all energy you held with this relationship. In order to create space for more to come into your life, proceed with the following:

Find a sacred space where you can pray or meditate according to your own spiritual beliefs and practices. For me, this is a corner in my home with all the tools that help connect me to my intuition and find stillness.

Clear the energy by lighting Palo Santo and sage the space around you and your own self.

Meditate for a few minutes while focusing on your breath and clearing your mind. Ground yourself to the earth and imagine a white shield emitting around your body, protecting you.

Visualize a cord between you and this person then imagine cutting it. Tell the person that you love them and are grateful for them but will no longer be tied to them. Imagine removing the cords and bring your awareness back to your body. Or, you can bring the practice into a physical one by using a thread (preferably black) and imagine you at one end and the person at the other (or you can use photos). Use a candle or scissors to burn away/cut the middle of the thread. Send gratitude to the relationship and toss away the thread.

After performing this ceremony, bring love back into your body by dancing, going outside or doing a quick yoga flow. (Head to my YouTube channel for plenty of yoga practices you can do in your home.)

You deserve the relationship you want and need. They deserve it too. And guess what? Telling and owning your truth feels so good.

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