In our world, farmers are stars right along the chefs they work with. Think that purple carrot terrine is all about the sauce? Nah – it’s the way it was grown too!

Digital food consultant and stylist, Aliza J Sokolow, knows many of L.A.’s most beloved farmers and chefs well. Recently, when she launched a line of prints that celebrating the produce plucked right from the dirt, we asked Aliza where all this planty goodness was coming from. We loved her stories and are sharing a little bit about each of the fruits, veggies, farmers and restaurants featured in the full line of art prints (see them here!)…

JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch | Redlands, California
Avocados, citrus, persimmons

Laura Ramirez carries a dozen different varieties of avocados. They can be found in the famous grain bowl at Sqirl. My favorite is the Reed avocado, which comes into season at the end of June/July. It is buttery and I enjoy it best with a squeeze of one of her pink variegated lemons and some salt. In the winter she carries heaps of citrus – my favorite being the cara cara orange which is sweet and is a pinky/orange tone.

Thao Family Farms | Fresno, California
Tomatos, cauliflower

Everything Kong Thao grows is incredible. He is the favorite farmer to many. The tomato and cauliflower prints can be seen as the only thing on the walls at Republique restaurant on La Brea. Walter Manzke is his number one fan. This summer Thao Family Farms will be growing more than 40 types of tomatoes and I can’t wait to make a new print of them.

The Garden Of | Santa Ynez, California
Carrots, rainbow chard

Shu and Debby Takikawa are responisbile for growing your favorite little gems of the little gem salad at Jon & Vinny’s. Their carrots are sweeter than any you’ve ever had and I can always be found eating them as my car snack. All of my friends make fun of me for constantly eating them.

Wesier Family Farms | Tehachapi, California
Beets, watermelon radishes

Watermelon radishes are one of my favorite roots to add color to any dish. I also love the melons and grain that Alex Weiser grows. The best thing happening in Tehachapi right now is their heritage grain, which is bringing ancient grain back to California and has been making wheat and rye easier to digest since 2015.

Murray Family Farms | Bakersfield, California
Exotic citrus

Stephen Murray and his family have had an incredible cherry season. He grows exotic citrus and many of my berries coming up in the next run of cards are in collaboration with Murray Family Farms. Additionally they grow their own Murray Berry, which is exclusive to them – it looks like a raspberry and tastes perfectly sweet and tart.

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