NYC Bite of the Month: Translucent Pumpkin Pie At Alinea

Nothing to see here. Just the most innovative version of pumpkin pie we’ve seen in years.

We’re not expecting this stylish slice of translucent pumpkin pie to show up on holiday tables around the country anytime soon. It doesn’t feel grandmother friendly, does it? However, serve this up to us at the legendary Alinea in Chicago and we’re all in.

Leave it to Kat Odell to find us something so fun and unusual for the holidays . Though her description is brief (those Alinea masterminds aren’t about to release this gem of a recipe!), all that’s needed is a glimpse of the image above to understand what all the fuss is about. Would you make this icy looking pie at home?

What I Ate: Alinea’s crystal clear pumpkin pie.

Why I Ate It: Because I love autumnal pumpkin pie, and the culinary wizards over at Alinea in Chicago have found a way to flip the holiday classic into a presentation you’d never expect.

Why You Need It: Because this crystal clear pumpkin pie is totally see-through, but tastes E X A C T L Y like the real thing!

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