We found magic in the mountains and just haven’t been the same since. Aja Malibu, a new boutique-style wellness sanctuary tucked at the top of the windiest road in the canyon, offers the kind of holistic health experience that proves fairy tale-type bliss is real, and that it can be achieved in just a week.

Settled on twenty-three acres of carefully landscaped property overlooking the Pacific Coast, every inch of Aja is curated to calm the mind while bringing everything else to life. Though it almost killed us not to flood your Instagram feeds with photos of this otherworldly environment, their unplugged policy is part of what makes this place and program so powerfully transformative.

Aja isn’t open to the public until late August, but we’re giving you a sneak preview of this uniquely high-vibing experience. Property director, Michelle Barge shares a little about the Aja Malibu story…

The Property:
Aja took seven years to complete. We built this retreat stone by stone, including giant boulders and precious stones that line our gardens. Besides its extreme beauty and warm, rugged nature, Aja’s owner and visionary knew when she stepped onto the grounds that her dream could be realized here.

Every detail has been thoroughly conscious with many loving surprises about the land and its fertileness. The property from every vista has views of the ocean and the mountains. Our gardens are based on the 7 chakras – each with their own unique nature, much of our plant-based cuisine comes from our land, our own tea apothecary and of course a beautiful spa. Everything is designed for maximum realization of one’s true self.

Everyday we are bombarded with technology. It is important to take time to re-sort the balance in our lives by connecting with nature and our inner selves. We chose this location to support that ideal. 

The Apothocary:
Our apothecary is a treasure trove of hundreds of herbs, plants, honeys and flowers from our property, which we then create teas, foods and body treatments from. Each herb has its own specific importance for your health and wellbeing, and the seasons shift what is more available at different times of the year. So this changes every day! My current favorites are our calendula and rose – plus all the tulsi (holy basil). Guests at Aja come to the apothecary regularly to learn, taste and try new teas and treatments throughout their stay.

The Experience:
The gardens here are ever changing and are the center of our daily rituals like silent walking meditation and daily review of all the abundance that is being provided. While I find a new “favorite spot” daily, the spa is always an amazingly restorative experience.

The most exciting new treatment at the spa is John of God Crystal Light Therapy machine. Through this exceptionally unique and profound healing therapy for body, mind and spirit, this therapy session helps to rejuvenate the balance of energy fields to support the nurturing of spiritual and physical alignment. Each of the quartz crystals has been cut to a specific frequency and colored lights chosen to match the vibrational frequency of the chakra colors to radiate light, healing energy and alignment of the chakras.

The Other Side:
Three words I would use to describe the Aja experience are magical, profound, and beyond… Guests can expect to leave completely rejuvenated; connected with themselves, connected with nature and fully relaxed – mind, body and soul.

Looking for that chia pudding recipe above? It’s an Aja Malibu exclusive! Don’t worry – we’re got you covered with a few chia pudding recipes of our own.

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