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When you have a line-up of daily supplements and adaptogens like we do, it’s tempting to take them all in one massive handful in the A.M. But, the truth is, certain supplements are better at specific times of day. If you’re ever overwhelmed about which adaptogens to use when, CAP Beauty’s latest launch is for you.  The O’Clocks are a set of adaptogenic blends curated for specific times of day.

A note on adaptogens, the trend has nearly become too hyper for us. Don’t get us wrong — we’re devoted to almost all of them! But it’s important to remember that there is a whole world of herbs and supplements available for optimal health – and adaptogens are just a part of the equation. That said, we love this genius collection – we’re sharing the highlights below — hop over to our Instagram today for a chance to win your own set!

At CAP Beauty we rely heavily on the power of plants. Topically and internally. So it only made sense for us to create our dream adaptogenic herb blends, The O’Clocks. By supporting us through the rhythms of our natural cycles, this threesome lends grace and ritual to our busy lives. Taken neat or blended with luxurious healthy fats (we’re looking at you, Coconut Butter!), allow these magical elixirs into your day and embrace the change. You’ll be all the better for it.

The 8AM:
Elevate + Levitate

Let the wisdom of the herbs awaken you and embrace your day. Allow white atractylodes and morinda to support metabolism and tone while rhodiola relieves your adrenals and astragalus boosts life force. With a gentle dose of reishi you’ll encourage peaceful empowerment and lo han guo makes it all the sweeter. Rise up, rise on. CHECK OUT

The 4PM:
Reawaken + Restore
Welcome a midday boost that supports longevity and protects your immune system. Allow Codonopsis to boost your energy levels while rhodiola sharpens focus and welcome superior immune function with reishi and rehmannia on your side. Afternoon delight, wellness style. CHECK OUT

The 10PM:
Superior Shuteye
Tap into your mellow self with the quiet threesome of zizyphus, Spirit Poria and Polygonum stem. Allow Albizzia flower to soothe the spirit while Chinese skullcap cleanses and pearl calms your heart. Get to know our favorite mellowing herbs that help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and awaken refreshed and restored. Soothe the spirit, calm the heart and cleanse the day away. A dreamy evening ritual for the perfect reset. Nighttime is the right time. CHECK OUT

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