Here’s what we love about detoxing our kitchens and cooking with clean foods: everything on our counters is becoming more and more beautiful. Less plastic means more wood and glass. Less processed foods means fewer obnoxious boxes and bags and more bowls of fruit and fresh growing herbs.

Along those lines, we swooned over these cotton and beeswax food wraps at first glance. They’re kind of gorgeous compared to zippy plastic bags and they are far more functional (and realistically reusable!) than we first thought too. Check them out:

What it is: Let’s start with what it’s not: wasteful, toxic or made with mysterious and health-harming metal or plastic material. Abeego’s reusable, organic and surprisingly chic (as far as food storage solutions go) wraps come in several different sizes and simply need to be rinsed to be reused – so it’s convenient as well. According to their website, you’ll buy new wraps before needing to throw old ones away – they’re built to last.

Why We’re Obsessed: The ingredients! These wraps are made from organic cotton and hemp, and treated with jojoba oil, beeswax and tree resin. They smell amazing and the clean coating ensures that food stays fresh in the fridge and uncontaminated in it’s wrap. The natural antibacterial nature of beeswax adds another layer of chemical-free safety. Genius!

What To Do With It: Use a wrap to store the second half of your avocado for later, to seal a prepped buddha bowl for a healthy office lunch, or around fresh herbs and greens to keep them crisp and delicious. Warm the wax with the heat of your hands and mold it to you liking for literally anything; when it cools it will create a seal and hold it’s shape around the food item or plate. The wraps are also ideal for holiday kitchen mayhem: we love them for storing pre-chopped veggies or to wrap up a cheese wheel- we think the wraps are pretty enough to serve!

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