Manhattan’s ABC Carpet & Home is a New York shopping landmark – a must-stop shop for world-class interior designers and design-lovers alike. This home goods hotspot is known by their celebrity-studded clientele for their well-curated offerings of high-concept brands and cause-related products.

Since shopping without lunch is as absurd as yoga without green juice, this design mecca also houses ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina for their shopping-worn crowds. ABC Cocina is the newest of the two and echoes the delightful esthetic of shopping the store with it’s mix of raw materials and avant-garde lighting. The menu, like the shop itself, focuses on sourcing locally, while pulling from global traditions, all with the artisanal quality you’d expect from Cocina’s Michelin-starred chef.

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is sharing this healthful recipe for the kitchen-adventurous: fresh fluke and crunchy rice with mint and cilantro. Just the type of dish we’d expect from this glocal chef…


Fluke with Green Chili Dressing, Crunchy Rice and Herbs


The fish:
8oz skinless fluke filet, thinly sliced on a bias.

For the rice:
1 cup short grain rice
2 cups cold water
1 4-inch-long by 1-inch-wide piece kombu
1Tbsp salt

For the chili lime juice:
1/2 cup fresh lime juice
10 jalapenos, stemmed and seeded
1 Tbsp salt

mint leaves
cilantro leaves
sea salt
lime zest
puffed rice


Combine all but the fish in a rice cooker, stir well and cook, stirring every 8 minutes until rice is cooked. Let sit off the heat covered for 15 minutes.

Spread rice into a thin film on non-stick baking paper and put into an oven that is off. Let dry overnight with the pilot on until rice is clear. Pulse dried rice in a food processor to obtain a gravel texture. 

Deep fry in a small pot with 400-degree oil until puffed, but not brown. Drain, blot well and season with salt.

Combine chili lime juice ingredients in blender and puree until smooth. Pass through a fine mesh strainer to extract all juice.

Take 2.25 – 2.5 oz. fresh, raw skinless fluke filet and slice thinly on a bias.

To serve, arrange each serving of 2 oz sliced fluke on a chilled plate and drizzle with1 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil. Drizzle with the chili lime juice then season with the salt, then sprinkle with mint and cilantro, then the puffed rice, and finish with lime zest.

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