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Glowing Guide: 6 Must-Have Cleansers For A Fresh Face
Power Puff: Konjac Sponge Company Bamboo Charcoal Sponge

These little sponges by Konjac have yet to register on most girl's beauty radars, but those who've tried them know - these irresistible little puffs are a whole new way to get glowing! 100% natural konjac plants are indigenous to Japan and their natural fibers have a slightly alkaline pH. With no soap at all, these sponges cleanse, exfoliate and balance the skin all on their own! They dry quickly and with no soapy mess to clean up make beauty on the go a breeze. Great to tuck in luggage for quick trips and vacation travel. 

We especially love Konjac's bamboo charcoal sponge. Activated carbon and minerals are added to the puff,  making it a powerful anti-oxidant and blemish-fighter!



Glowing Guide: 6 Must-Have Cleansers For A Fresh Face

This month we’re focused on cleansing our insides with juice cleanses and the like, but in this season of detoxing, why not take a look at what you’re using to freshen up your outsides as well? We’re dishing on the 5 facial cleansers we think provide the best all-natural cleanse for the skin that we’ve found yet. Some are cult-classics and some are so new that they’ve yet to catch on with the masses. Which ever cleanser catches your eye, we’re betting this list will send you into the new year with a fresh-faced beauty obsession of your own.

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