camilla marcus on Ways To Reduce Waste At Home

One part market-driven foodie, one part sustainability crusader, Camilla Marcus represents a groundswell in thoughtful consumerism happening in our culture now.

Can we eat well, dine out luxuriantly, and still quell the gobsmacking amount of waste produced in the process? Camilla is out to prove that it’s possible, and help more of us make adjustments at home.

We asked Camilla to share this list of essential tips with us to help more of us reduce waste at home in 2023. Don’t overlook their simplicity, and put  them to good use…

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9 Ways To Reduce Waste At Home with Camilla Marcus

SHOP LOCAL | Shop at your local farmer’s market, grow relationships with local vendors – support them and learn about the seasonal produce they grow. Be sure to carry extra tote bags in your car to avoid paper or plastic bags when out and about.

GET CREATIVE WITH LEFTOVERS | Repurpose your leftovers and create something entirely new (our west~bourne instant pie crust is naturally gluten-free and the perfect vessel for all of your veggie scraps!). Or, if you’re a restaurant, get creative with leftover produce to make a nutritious stock or soup special.

SHOP WITH A LIST | Take 5 minutes to draft up your shopping lists before heading to the market or store to eliminate waste when buying. Read: TCM Reader Poll: Your Top Healthy Grocery Shopping Hacks

BUY in BULK | Try bulk bin products and bring your own refillable containers. Read: The Sustainable Kitchen: 6 Incredibly Pretty Tools + Appliances We’re Loving Now

CREATE AN EASY TO REACH COMPOST | Utilize a countertop compost bin for food scraps and recycle what you can’t. Read: Composting For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

DO YOUR RESEARCH | Support businesses that pride themselves on being sustainable – shop their products for healthy, local ingredients, formulations, planet-friendly packaging, etc.

UPGRADE FROM TUPPERWARE | Utilize reusable bags in the kitchen. I’m a big fan of Stasher bags to store leftovers or bring snacks on-the-go for my kids. Pro-tip: You can also store leftover wine in the freezer!  Read: How To Make Friends With The Freezer To Reduce Daily Food Waste

SHOP RESELLERS | Buy secondhand whenever possible, especially when it comes to children’s clothes as they grow out of things so quickly!

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