Balms are the underdogs of quick beauty fixes. We tend to go for balms only when we need hardcore repair, but they offer so much more than just intensive moisture. These extra-rich creams get skin glowing at first contact — hello, natural highlighter.

Green celeb makeup artist, Katey Denno is all about the balm. Here are the best natural balms she has on rotation and just how she uses them from head-to-toe. Peek the video above and check out her channel here for tons more tips and tutorials!

Loli Beauty Revitalizing Balm | We kind of want to eat this balm. The scent is earthy, not floral-y or minty. It’s super hydrating but not super heavy — a perfect pick for summer.  CHECK OUT

8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil | This balm is a little thicker, pastier, and has a slight bit of sheen that you only see in direct sunlight. In addition to being a healpful healer to dry patches, it works well dotted onto cheek bones or collar bones for a slight highlighting effect. It smells like geranium and grapefruit. CHECK OUT

Pai Buruti Balm | Made for head-to-toe use, Katey loves to apply this natural blend as a lip balm. As mentioned in the video, she gave it to her mom after a surgery and it helped scar tissue heal faster. CHECK OUT

Nucifera Balm | This balm is an absolute staple for us year-round. The consistency of this balm is not too thick, not too thin and has a heavenly cologne-like botanical scent. CHECK OUT

Lina Hanson Global Treasures Balm | This traditional balm is rich, luscious and smells absolutely crave-able. Use it for all the things.  CHECK OUT

Worker B Rescue Paste | Be warned, this balm is super thick. Made with beeswax, raw honey and organic olive oil it is a powerful healer. It’s great for cracked lips or scabs. Katey rubs it on her hands before bed and says she “wakes up looking fifteen again”. CHECK OUT

Ouli’s Ointment | Katey uses this balm all around her lips and eyes. The small tin is ideal for tossing into a bag before you go.  CHECK OUT

Cosmos Botanicals Everywhere Salve | Cardboard packaging is lightweight, easy to cary and eco-friendly. Ethically-made and cruelty free, this multi-tasking stick is crafted with integrity and some seriously nourishing ingredients: vitamin and mineral-rich organic olive oil, beeswax to help heal, soothing chamomile to calm and brighten skin, and lavender to relieve inflammation. CHECK OUT

Loving this list? Discover tons more of our favorite natural balms here.

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