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Jewel Zimmer is the co-founder of Juna and a certified Brain Health Trainer with Amen Clinics by Dr. Amen. 

A healthy gut is a healthy brain. With 95% of your serotonin and 50% of dopamine created in your gut, optimal gut health is central to enhanced brain health, lowering stress, boosting mood, improving immunity, supporting healthy blood and glucose levels, boosting metabolism, and enhancing vitality.

The gut has a huge impact on your mood and well-being, and an unhealthy gut can take a toll on your everyday life. Your gut-brain axis is arguably one of the most important communication paths in the body. When your gut is imbalanced you may feel several undesirable effects like bloat, stress, brain fog, and overall lack of energy.

Your brain has over 100 billion neurons—that’s more than there are stars in the universe and it’s the most expensive real estate in your entire body. Over 500 million neurons are enacted in your gut. When your brain is healthy and optimized you can feel happier, have more energy, focus, healthier relationships, and a more successful career.
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7 Tips For Improving the Brain-Gut Axis

01 Get Moving | Exercise not only boosts oxygen to your brain and improves memory, cognition, and focus but it’s also been shown to improve healthy microbiota in the gut, boost immunity, and lower inflammation.

02 Prioritize Sleep | Sleep not only improves blood sugar and emotional regulation but during sleep, the brain actually cleans itself of toxins and debris that build up during the day allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. Early science is now linking poor sleep to a compromised gut microbiome.

03 Nourish With Food | Eat organic, fiber-rich foods and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to a healthy diverse microbiome and optimal brain function. Make This: Whipped Ricotta, Tomato + Sardine Toast For A Full Dose Of Omega-3s

04 Detoxify Your Diet | Remove processed foods and toxins that cause inflammation, and brain fog, and can even cause psychiatric illnesses.
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05 Supplement | Juna’s GUT THERAPY was formulated to strengthen the gut-brain axis by way of powerful amino acids and adaptogens such as L-glutamine, 5-HPT, L-Theanine, rhodiola and panax ginseng. Several amino acids produced in the gut are known as acting neurotransmitters and have a profound positive effect on overall brain health and mood, including depression and anxiety.

06 Reduce Stress | Remove toxic people and situations from your life that can create unnecessary stress and high cortisol in your body resulting in weight gain, irritability, anxiety, and hormone imbalance to name a few.

07 Meditate | Meditation is known to alter your gut microbiome and shift your brain to slower waves producing calm and focus.

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