7 Insider Beauty Secrets From RMS Founder Rose-Marie Swift

Rose-Marie Swift, the icon behind green beauty cult-fave, RMS, is a powerhouse of knowledge with a personal vibe as alluring as the products she creates.

In case you didn’t have the pleasure of Rose-Marie Swift’s company during our recent gathering at The Detox Market, we’re sharing a few key takeaways from the evening, plus a simple contour and highlighting tutorial we picked up from RMS herself. Watch the full video here for more insights, hilarious stories, and a sneak peak of her soon-to-be released new product (trust us, you’ll definitely want it).

We’re also giving away RMS’ Living Luminizer to three lucky readers! Hop over to our Instagram today for a chance to win!

Keep It Real (Or Go For Cream). Skin should look like skin even with makeup. Creams work synergistically with the skin, whereas powders tend to suck up moisture and make the skin look and feel dry and life-less.

Beauty Starts With The Gut. Skin is the mirror of the gut. We can pile on the makeup as we please, but if our insides are out of whack, our outsides will reflect it. Rose-Marie swears by probiotics, which she switches frequently. She also recommends taking chlorella every day to clear out heavy metals.

Work With What You Have. Your best bet for looking beautiful is to work with what you’ve got, not against it. Rose-Marie tells her clients with rosacea to use it as natural blush, simply use a cream blush to even things out. She also told us about how she uses the dark skin around the eyes of her Indian clients as a base for a killer smokey eye look that has taken off!

Trust Your Instincts. Our intuition is strong. And stronger the more we listen to it! Use your intuition to pick products that work well with your bodies needs — and to avoid products that might not be the best fits.

Not all Oils Are Equal. Rose-Marie’s products are oil-based rather than water-based because bacteria can’t grow in oil. However, not all oils are great for our skin. Some go rancid quickly. While they’re not toxic, using them means we’re putting free radicals directly onto our skin which ages us like gangbusters! Look for makeup with expiration dates to be sure.

Don’t Inhale The Powders. When applying powder makeup, don’t whip it up into the air. RMS went to great lengths to design a tiny filter for their powder to avoid puffing it into the air – and into clients’ lungs. Rose Marie says that particles in powder can get into lungs – and stay there. Creepy! And relatively easy to avoid.

How To Contour + Highlight With RMS

Step One.

Prepare the canvas aka your face. After cleansing, lightly cover the skin with a nourishing face serum, like RMS Beauty Oil.

Step Two.

Dab Seduce Eye Polish right below the cheekbones. Be sure not to go too low – just under the cheekbone, not a centimeter lower. It’s important to create the illusion of lifting up, not pulling down.

Step Three.

Use a blush brush to tap Lip2Cheek Modest on apples of cheeks. Blend well.

Step Four.

Tap Living Luminizer on the sharpest part of the cheekbones (the most protrusive point on face). Use a small brush to add some to the corner of the eyes (by the tear ducts), in the bow of the top lip and on the bridge of the nose. Dot some onto the center of each lid.

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