6 Stress-Free Habits of Women Who Look Better Longer

We’ve all noticed that woman who seems to maintain that youthful glow well into her 80s, who just seems radiate that love and passion for life. We aspire to one day also be so lucky to age so gracefully and maintain that inner light. Healthy living expert, Sophie Uliano, has studied up on these unique beings, and summed up their healthy habits that seem to lead to happier healthier and ageless lives – that glow and youthful appearance is just one of the welcome side effects.

Since this month is all about cleansing in all the various forms from meditation, juicing to simple stress relief and setting up all of those healthy habits – why not set intentions that we can adapt as daily rituals to fuel us for the rest of our lives? Here’s Sophie with 6 habits of women who look better longer…


Almost every woman I know who looks simply stunning after a certain age does some kind of meditation. Put simply, stress is aging. Take a look at yourself in the mirror when you are stressed out – you won’t like what you see. Even sitting down to meditate for 5 minutes a day can make a big difference. Meditation is way easier than you think and yoga breathing is the gateway in. Meditation is a practice, meaning the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Making it a daily habit is the best gift you can give yourself.


Every women I know who looks amazing well into her eighties, has a purpose in her life. This purpose is around something she loves to do, and is almost always about spreading joy. Spending time daily doing at least one thing that is connected to your deeper purpose will keep you looking and feeling younger.


Women who look better longer are other-centered as opposed to self-centered. Think about the kind of gorgeous woman who almost never wants to talk about herself because she is too interested in finding out about you – attractive, right? This is a habit that can be cultivated every single day. Whenever you sit down to have a conversation with someone, try turning your full attention to what is going on with them – ask questions, and try to listen without formulating your reply while they are talking.

Healthy Diet:

Nothing is as gorgeous as healthy feels. Eating a whole foods plant-based diet that is low in sugar will pay great dividends in the looking-young department – no getting around this one. Thank Goodness that healthy juice bars are almost as popular as coffee bars because making a habit of alkalizing your body with buckets of green juice will not only help you to be healthier overall, but will juice up your skin too.

Daily Exercise:

This is arguably the most important habit. My parents look insanely young for their age and I’m convinced it’s because they both workout and do yoga 6-days a week. They key is to establish a balance between improving your flexibility, strength, and cardio – all need to be attended to. A daily habit of 40-minutes exercise per day (with one day off a week) is the path toward looking better for longer. And a word of caution here: women who overdo it in the exercise department do not look better for longer! Over-exercising can lead to scrawny muscles and a haggard face. Balance is always the key.


Women who look better longer make it a habit to get at least 7-8 hours of good sleep a night. They key is to switch off TV and electronics about an hour prior to getting into bed.

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