These 6 Overnight Beauty Products Work While You Sleep

We Woke Up Like this — but, actually. The secret to looking on-point before our first sip of smoothie is an overnight beauty routine that does most of the work for us.

We were floored by the results from the Sio masks and these silk pillowcases are a must for vain side-sleepers. Check out all six picks…

sio seep mask

Sio Overnight wrinkle-smoothing patches | These potent, medical-grade silicone patches nourish, lift and smooth skin for a notably visible transformation in just a few hours. The patches can be worn anytime, but are perfect to wear for a full eight hours (there isn’t any product on the patch – just silicone!). Patch shapes for the neck and chest work miracles for those who sleep on their sides and get those habitual wrinkles around the décolleté.  CHECK OUT

Fraiche Organic Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum | Healthy-looking brows and lashes are all we need to feel comfortable skipping makeup all-together (gather a few pro tips here). This lash and brow wand makes swiping on castor oil nightly an easy and mess-free part of your routine and will help hair grow thicker and longer. CHECK OUT

eye patch with dartsDepology DEEPCARE+ SERUM-INFUSED MICRO DART PATCHES | Depology is one of the first brands we’ve found to apply the power of micro darts into an under eye patch. We already love the micro dart patches for breakouts, but in this instance, the micro darts are packed with antioxidants, amino acids and synthesized molecules naturally found in skin. Wear overnight to deeply hydrate, reduce puffiness and combat signs of fatigue and dryness. Check Out 


Herbivore Moonfruit Retinol Alternative Sleep Mask | This overnight treatment feeds the skin with antioxidant-rich superfoods, plumps with skincare superstar sodium hyaluronate (a salt form of hyaluronic acid), and deeply hydrates with shea butter and nourishing oils. But, most importantly this overnight mask contains 1% bakuchiol, a gentle alternative to retinol that’s better tolerated by sensitive skin types. Soak it all in overnight, and get ready to glow. CHECK OUT

Slip for beauty sleep silk PILLOWCASE | Made of high-grade mulberry silk, this luxurious pillow cradles our head and face in non-abrasive softness for beautifying results you can see after just a few nights. Whereas cotton pillow cases tend to tug on skin and frizz-ify hair, silk helps skin retain moisture (which means less redness and lighter fine lines), helps hair achieve smoothness and avoid micro-breakage. CHECK OUT
The Nue Co Sleep Drops | The Nue Co can do no wrong — check out our feature on the fashion-savvy brand here. What’s the point of a great pillowcase and an overnight serum if you can’t sleep? This herbal tincture is easy to keep bedside to helps us gently relax before going to bed with natural ingredients like valerian root, passionflower, catnip and chamomile. Take 6-12 drops under the tongue before bed for an extra deep and beautifying sleep. CHECK OUT
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