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The 7 Best Natural Energy Drinks

Looking for a delicious, organic green drink to boost your energy and mood all at once? Cell-Nique is loaded with 31 organic superfoods (like E3 Live, a TCM favorite) that nourish, detoxify and reboot your body. High-protein, low-calories, no added sugar? Drink up!



The 7 Best Natural Energy Drinks

Whether running out the door or running a half marathon, we live a pretty Seize-The-Day kind of lifestyle. And while we always aim to hit the ground running, sometimes we’re just not feeling the Carpe in our Diem. Our culture is all about fast pace and instant gratification – is it any surprise the “Energy Drink” business has seen such a boom?

From Red Bull to Redline, most energy drinks on the market contain a slew of unpronounceable ingredients. The GMOs and gibberish labels are enough to make our heads spin, but what concerns us most of all is the insanely large dosage of both Caffeine and Taurine.  Natural Taurine, like the kind found in seaweed, is actually beneficial for the body – an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter, allowing cell communication. However (and this is a big “however”), the daily dose of Taurine is less 500mg – way lower than most energy drinks on the market. Combined, an overload of Taurine and Caffeine can cause irregular heart rhythm and even seizures. Definitely not worth the extra pep in your step.

Whatever you drink to beat a slump in the day should be high-energy yet hazard-free.  Here are our seven favorites when it comes to perking up.

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