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    halloween beauty woman wearing white sheet mask
    Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t have to mean dressing up and downing candy — although we’ve got some great sweet treats ready for you here. It can also come in the form of a cozy night in with nourishing, natural products that happen to have a creepy effect. If you’re planning on keeping things low-key for this year’s Halloween — or are looking for the perfect pre or post-Halloween beauty pick-me-up routine — we’ve got just the right product lineup ahead…
    Hanacure Face Mask | This mask rose to fame when Drew Berrymore posted a selfie with it in action — looking like a straight-up zombie. As the totally transparent formula dies, it begins to pull skin tight cracking and distorting your gorgeous face. Wash it off after 30-minutes and revel in the smooth, glowy, immediately lifted perfection. One set (as in, one mask) will set you back nearly $30, so it’s definitely not for daily use, but we can’t think of anything more effective for getting us our gorgeous-est for a special occasion.  CHECK OUT


    Tata Harper Clarifying Mask | Tata Harper has a special place in our hearts. Her potent formulas feature magical blends of powerful botanicals that work, hard, smell amazing and deliver results — or Halloween kicks in the case of her monster-green clarifying mask. Featuring an AHA superfruit blend and quartz sand micro crystals, the mask helps to clear skin and refine texture. CHECK OUT

    Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant | This body scrub is made with antioxidant-rich cocoa butter and nourishing coconut oil to gently buff and smooth for soft skin — and a creepy all-body effect before you rinse it off. CHECK OUT

    Photo Credit: Roseville California Dentist

    Keeko Mint Charcoal Oil Pulling | Nothing can turn a cute smile into a creepy one faster than a mouth full of charcoal. Keeko makes the ayurvedic practice of oil pulling super accessible with their pouches of coconut oil. This one gives a boost of beauty and bacteria-fighting benefits with activated charcoal. Oil pulling helps eliminate the oil-soluble bad bacteria in your mouth (considered by many to be the starting point for a lot of disease in the body) while charcoal helps polish and whiten your teeth. Learn how to do oil pulling (and why) here — and not just for Halloween.  CHECK OUT

    KARUNA EXFOLIATING FOOT MASK | This unique mask might seem low-key at first, but wait until you pull it off. The formula exfoliates the dead skin on your feel so deeply it literally comes off in sheets after a few days. Boo.  CHECK OUT

    What are your favorite creepy but effective beauty treatments? Share in the comments!

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    1. Fun, green beauty post! Thank you! Love TATA HARPER’S CLARIFYING MASK and the KEEKO MINT CHARCOAL OIL PULLING is perfect for temporary Halloween scariness!

      Blythe | 10.26.2018 | Reply

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