6 Healthy Condiments That’ll Change Your Life

Yes, yes, passion fruit seeds and shaved watermelon radishes are all fine and good, but when it comes down to the day to day, which ingredients are we really relying on to make our food taste fabulous? Packing your pantry with healthy condiments is a life-changing wellness hack that’ll make daily cooking better all around.

Unlike so many commercial salad dressings and sauces of the world, the healthy condiments below are clean, high in nutrition and packed with flavor. Think of these six picks as supplemental nutrition to your daily meals…


Soom Foods Sesame Tahini | Is there anything tahini doesn’t taste amazing with, in or over? It makes the ultimate dressing for a grain bowl and is equally delicious swirled into something sweeter. Packed with vitamin e and healthy fats.  CHECK OUT

Dark Horse Fermented Dijon Mustard | We fell in love with Dark Horse after meeting the fermentation master behind these gut healthy and flavor-rich condiments. This fermented dijon is just as versatile as an OG version but with the added benefits of natural fermentation. Great for your taste buds and your gut. CHECK OUT
Bragg Organic Liquid Coconut Aminos | Similar to soy sauce without soy or gluten, coconut aminos are super salty and somewhat umami.  It We love it mixed into marinates or drizzled straight onto a pile of stir fry.  CHECK OUT

Eden Foods Organic SHIRO Miso | Traditionally fermented and aged, this high-quality and probiotic-rich miso is salty, savory and so good in just about everything whether that’s a marinade, dressing or flavor base for an otherwise basic (read: boring) soup. CHECK OUT

Shaman Shack Sea Clear | We were first introduced to this probiotic-rich product as a dip for raw veggie crudites and we’ve been finding fun ways to work with it since. The super savory — dare we say umami — paste is perfect as the base for a crudite dip or just plopped into a pitted avocado. CHECK OUT
Partanna Olive Oil | Ditch the dressing and douse your salad, veggies and protein with high quality, raw (extra virgin) olive oil instead. The flavor is pure and complimentary to about any savory dish. So many heart pros we love, swear by large amounts of EVOO daily. CHECK OUT

Want more? We love these veggie-based dips for a killer homemade healthy condiment option.

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