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Most of our bathrooms are overflowing with products – and those shower shelves are no exception. It’s easy to become jaded about which beauty products are actually making a difference in our routines.

We thought about it long and hard and landed on these six products that, beyond just shower gel and a good shampoo, make the biggest difference in the overall beauty equation. From body masking to misting your skin with an ultra-hydrating spray lotion, these favorites will transform you shower routine…

Pre-Shower Masking + Dry Brushing

Aztec Clay Body Mask | This best-selling Aztec Secret clay mask is amazing for a variety of uses. Mix up a big batch of this powerful mud and cover your entire body in this detoxifying, circulation-boosting body mask. Let it dry and rinse it off once you’ve climbed in the shower. Try this a few times a week. Your body will glowCHECK OUT

True Botanicals resurfacing body mask | Think of True Botanicals’ body mask as a weekly exfoliant for the whole body. Take a few minutes before your shower routine to cover yourself in this skin-transforming product. The lactic acid-based potion lightly exfoliates skin from head to toe, gently increasing skin firmness and clarity over time. You won’t know you need this stuff til you use a full bottle and panic til the refill arrives. CHECK OUT

Dry brush | On days you don’t do the above, dry brush. The routine just takes a few minutes and the benefits are major, from physical exfoliation to improved circulation (read: glow!) and even lymphatic drainage. Learn how to dry brush here. If you’re not into the feel or dry brushing, try this detoxifying and soothing Ayurvedic self-massage ritual before you bathe instead. CHECK OUT

In Shower Tools + Staples
Briogeo hair scrub | Scalp scrubs are a total game changer — one wash and you’ll be hooked. Use them in place of shampoo for super clean strands and a detoxified scalp. They feel amazing going on and are especially useful for those of us who regularly rely on dry shampoo or hair-taming serums and creams.  CHECK OUT

Earth TherapEutics Exfoliating Hydro Towel | This cheap scrubby bathsheet is everything. We first tried the hydro towel after Cameron Diaz shared this with us on the site a few summers back:  “This wonder-cloth smooths and exfoliates your skin better than any washcloth or loofah ever could. A total game-changer, you will never shower without it again.” She’s right – we never have! CHECK OUT

nyakio face scrub | Here’s a tip: keep your face scrub in the shower and use it several times a week depending on your skin type. Just like the spa, you’ve been given a good steam so that skin is in perfect condition for a light exfoliant. Scrubs can be very messy — used in the shower, get as wild with the stuff as you like knowing there’ll be no clean up. CHECK OUT

Post-Shower Spritz
CV SKINLABS BODY MIST | We love to use this super-hydrating spray-on lotion as a first layer of post-shower moisture. Do a quick spritz from face to toes while skin is still damp to hydrate without heavy oils. Follow up with a heavier moisture layer as you like – or use it as the fastest body lotion ever on crazy mornings when there’s no time to luxuriate with body oil. CHECK OUT

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  1. I need to start drying brushing! Sounds like it’s very beneficial.

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