6 Creative Tools to Keep You Organized

We’re obsessed with making lists and we know we’re not alone. But keeping organized these days may require a few more creative tools. To help you stay in synch with all that you have going on, we’ve picked the brain of our in-office list-making enabler Cissy Huang. With low-tech and high-tech options galore, she’s kept our list-making mania from burying us in piles of Post-Its. We know you’ll love these tools. We know you need these tools. Here they are: six tips and tricks to help you stay on top of things and keep your To Do in check.

iPhone App
Clear $1.99
Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s multi-touch capabilities, Clear has no buttons or menus. Your to-do list looks like a magical rainbow of color blocks. Everything is based off swipes and gestures. Want to add something new? Then just pull the list down. Swipe left to delete and right to complete. Zoom in to go back. It’s like magic.

Computer application
Anxiety  Free
Anxiety is a small, minimal application which floats seamlessly on your computer screen, syncs with iCal and Mac Mail, then disappears and reappears from your menu bar with just a click of your mouse.

Print and RePrint  Free
Minimal, clean and to the point. The folks at ReprintMe have created weekly and monthly calendars that act as the perfect blank slate for you to jot, scribble or draw your plans. Need another copy? Well…you know what to do.

Wunderlist  Free
Do you have an iPhone, a Blackberry and an iPad attached to your utility belt in addition to a PC at work and a Mac at home? Need a to-do list that will work for every device you own or might one day own? Wunderlist is the solution! With applications for iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, Windows Phones, Androids, Mac OXS, Windows and Linux, Wunderlist will sync with just about everything.

russell+hazel’s To-Do Adhesive Notes  $10 for 150 sheets
Russell+hazel’s self-adhesive post-its help you prioritize your activities, allow you to check them off one by one, add a pop of color to any surface and can be recycled once you’re done.

AM/PM Scheduler
Muji’s Chronotebook  $5.50
Each page is marked with a small analog clock at the center, AM on one side and PM on the other and plenty of blank space. This non-linear day planner removes the shackles of grid or time slots. The possibilities are endless!

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