Last November, we fell head over heels for this Thanksgiving-ready dish from then Guest Editor, Daphne Oz.

The roasted sweet potatoes are messy, but ‘clean’ eating, elegant, but crazy-easy to make. The honeyed tahini is everything you want on your fork come this time of year and the bright, fresh herbs bring healthful life to the Thanksgiving table.

We were drooling and day-dreaming over Daphne’s recipe and got to thinking about the best sweet potato recipes we’ve ever shared. Here are the six best that came to mind…

BAKED SWEET POTATOES WITH HONEYED TAHINI|From last year’s Thanksgiving cooking class with Daphne Oz, plus the pages of her cookbook, The Happy Cook. Baked sweet potatoes, fresh herbs, butter, tahini, honey, lemon, almonds…

Loaded Sweet Potatoes with turmeric coconut sauce | This simple, savory meal from the UK’s clean culinary queen, Deliciously Ella, is completely clean but still rich in flavor, texture and nutrition. MAKE HERE

spiced Sweet Potato Bread | This gluten-free sweet potato bread is spiced to perfection. Make this recipe from fucntional medicine pro Dr. Hyman to snack on throughout the week or to gift your fave healthy-minded friends. MAKE HERE

healthy Sweet Potato Fritters | We love just about everything that comes out of the adorable Chef Mikaela Reuben’s kitchen, and these fritters are no exception. MAKE HERE

Sweet Potato Biscuits | This recipe from food blogger Claire Thomas of the Kitchy Kitchen gives us major homegrown feels. It may not be the cleanest sweet potato recipe in this roundup, but it’s the most deliciously cozy by far. MAKE HERE

Sweet Potato as Toast | It doesn’t get simpler than this. We freaked out over the idea of toast made with sweet potato slices instead of bread; our office snack situation has never been the same since.  MAKE HERE

What’s your favorite way to sweet potato? Let us know in the comments below.

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