5 Ways We Relate To Cameron Diaz’s New Book

We already knew that Cameron Diaz was our kind of girl (see us rummage through her beach bag here and a girl’s trip to Napa here!) Cameron is like the national treasure of “girl’s girls”.

Her first book, The Body Book, was a welcome addition to most healthy women’s bookshelves, a refreshing read that encouraged us to learn everything about our bodies – not just tone them up. The Longevity Book is no doubt Cameron’s response to the success of the first book and a deepening of her message to women to know, love and care for ourselves on a whole other level.

Here’s why we relate to Cameron’s angle on health and aging and a few excerpts we’re talking about over tonics in the mornings…

5 Ways We Relate To Cameron Diaz’s New Book

The way we live effects the way we age. | Yes, genetics are a huge factor in our health, but we can influence the way our genes are expressed through exercise, diet and lifestyle habits. Cameron is living proof that you’re as young as you feel – an active, vibrant lifestyle may be one of the most decisive factors in our quality of life as we grow older.

She loves probiotic foods too. | Cameron is down with the “international buffet of probiotics”. We’re into it. As she unpacks a few healthy keys to longevity, gut health is a big focus and there’s nothing better than a little kefir, kombucha or kimchi to keep the belly in good condition.

She’s totally freaked out by fecal transplants, but it’s on her radar. | Okay, maybe it’s us that are “freaked out.” We love that Cameron touches on new health innovations like this one in the book. While completely foreign-seeming now, strange treatments like these transplants may be the medicine of the near future. Someone’s got to pioneer that stuff, right?

Having incredible girlfriends is make or break. | Lasting female friendships are rare treasures and according to Cameron it’s all about quality, not quantity. We couldn’t agree more about keeping that core force tight! The funny truth about aging and body-knowledge is that we’re bound to know ourselves and our bodies better if we’re in deep relationships with other women. Conversations are had.

Rest is not an afterthought. | The wellness paradigm has shifted and rest is now seen as more key than ever. We love that Cameron advocates for rest as much as she promotes fitness and vital nutrition. For women, and men too, the value of rest has often been underestimated and we’re happy to see it swing back into healthy “fashion”.

Have you read The Longevity Book? What did you think and how is it shifting your perspective on age and health? 

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