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Power Tools: 6 Must-Have Natural Beauty Supplies
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A sonic face brush - non-toxic? Why, yes! Why hadn't we thought of it before? What could be more toxin-free than a beauty helper that has no ingredients at all! The Clarisonic Mia is something of a phenomenon. We drool over them in every color. Our favorite facialists, Terri Lawton, advised us to check out these sonic wonder-workers and we've been using religiously! Sonic micro-pulses from the brush help to open up the skin - organic serums and moisturizers sink in deeply and go to work that much more effectively!



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Sure, it’s important to use natural beauty products, but how you apply them can be just as crucial! We’ve rounded up a few of the best beauty tools around that will help you to get that fresh spring look and are as non-toxic as can be.

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