Body weight exercises are the top fitness trend of 2015 and we’re thanking our lucky stars for this crazy-fun workout style. Body weight training can be done any time, anywhere, since you’re using the weight of your own body to work up a sweat (hence the name). No weights, bands, balls, or ropes necessary – just enthusiasm and your A-game. 

Celebrity trainer and kickboxing pro Natalie Yco shared with us this perfect set of body-blasting body weight exercises to work into your routine any time, anywhere. Outfitted in our fave Fabletics gear (those stirrup leggings tho!), we found ourselves laughing and smiling our way through the sweat…even when our arms started to shake uncontrollably.

Here’s what to do: power through each exercise for one minute straight, and take breaks when necessary. If you need to modify any of the planks, they can be performed on your knees. Mix and match, or do the whole set three times through for a 15-minute calorie torcher!

5 killer body-weight exercises
Complete each move for 1 minute; repeat 4 times

Surfer Get Ups:

Begin in a fully lowered pushup position with palms on the floor in front of your shoulders, elbows bent next to your rib cage. Push yourself  up bending your knees and jumping your right food in front of your left, knees bent in a half squat (imagine you’re on a surfboard). Quickly lower to the ground and repeat bringing your left foot in front.

Single-leg deadlift + hop:

Swing your right leg behind you as you lean forward, reaching your left hand towards your right foot. Hop up, land softly and repeat

Burpee to a Superman:

Jump vertically in the air, land and immediately squat down, placing hands on the floor in line with shoulders. Shoot legs straight back. Next, extend your arms out front, keeping your elbows slightly bent, using your lower back to lift your chest and feet off the floor. Bring your palms down in front of your shoulders, raise up into a pushup, bend your knees and jump legs together into a squat, stand and jump.

Crab Kicks:

Sit on floor, knees bent, feet flat, hands positioned close to hips and arms straight. Lift hips off the floor and kick. Continue to alternate legs as you keep hips lifted.

Dolphin Twist + leg jacks:

Lower into a low plank position, balancing on your elbows/forearms and the balls of your feet, abdominals pulled up and in, keeping a straight line from your head to heels. Next, twist your hips to the right, then to the left 4 times. Return back to center and jump both feet open about shoulder width then back together 4 times.

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