Crossfit is one of those fitness formats we’re in awe of, but in all honesty, have always been pretty intimidated by. We mean…look at those barbells! The combo of heavy weights, fast-paced moves, and the fact that the entire WOD (workout of the day) is but mere minutes yet leaves you drenched has left us watching in awe from the sidelines. Until we met Christmas Abbott, the celeb of the Crossfit world.

She might only be 5’3″, but Christmas is a larger-than-life force in the Crossfit world, a regular at the Reebok Crossfit Games, and author of The Badass Body Diet (which has got to be one of our favorite titles ever). We’ve been following Christmas on Instagram for Crossfit-spiration, and her fun (and yes, badass) pics finally convinced us to ask her to debunk the biggest Crossfit myths that hold people back. Her answers surprised us: “Adult recess?” We are SO in. Here’s the truth about Crossfit – told by Christmas herself – plus her pro tips on how to take your first plunge into the “box”…

Preparation is key! Scout out the schedule and pick a time to commit to. Plan a comfortable outfit and bring a water bottle and a sweat towel. Be sure to fuel your body before! Grab a snack at least an hour before your workout – it will give you energy and make you feel better in the workout. Arrive early and with a positive attitude. The way you approach the workout will be instrumental to your success! Bring the positive out in full force here.

Box hop to find the right box for you. This means try different boxes in your area, not all are created equal. Credentials are important so inquire about the staff. Community is equally important. If you want something fun and upbeat, find the box that embraces that style. Often we don’t know until we experience it and that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be the most competitive box in the area – it has to be the best box for you.

There’s a whole different vocabulary in CrossFit and to a newbie it can be confusing and overwhelming. Just like getting started with the workouts, you should keep it simple and start with the basics: squat, press, deadlift. Your coaches will fill you in as needed! That’s part of what they do.

Debunking The 5 Most Common Myths About CrossFit

CrossFit Makes You Bulky:

No way! Unless you are intentionally trying to build mass, as a woman, your body is simply incapable of becoming massive and bulky. You would need to have a strict diet and tons of supplements for boosting the muscle building hormones. In fact, CrossFit helps you build lean, toned muscle, and using The Badass Body Diet targets your booty, builds sexy abs and creates long lean legs. You just become a stronger, toner, fitter version of yourself.

You Will Get Hurt:

With any activity and in life, there is always a risk of injury, but don’t blame it on the sport. CrossFit is actually set up to help you strengthen your muscles and prevent injury. Take the time to learn good technique before you add the intensity! 

You Have To Go Paleo:

CrossFit awakened me to the importance of good nutrition – quality proteins, carbohydrates, and fats – for energy and performance but you don’t have to go Paleo! Eating too “clean” can actually harm your overall performance. We are made to eat and play, so don’t restrict yourself completely.

Membership Is Too Pricey:

Keep in mind that the monthly membership fees of most boxes are what some personal trainers charge per hour. Most boxes have one coach for 10 people; it’s very personalized and high-level coaching. Prioritize your funds for your health and longevity! Take away a few nights of going out and you have paid your membership, and then some.

It’s Cultish:

Many fitness fads can appear cultish to outsiders, but CrossFit is a welcoming community! Even if you have a classmate who beats you in a WOD, they will turn around and cheer you on until you’re finished. It’s truly like adult recess, and who doesn’t want to have a great time with their friends? I know I do!

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