As a Psychology and nutrition expert with a focus on all things positive, the star of her own line of fit pregnancy DVDs and a fit and pregnant momma herself, Dr. Zelana Montminy is well-equipped to talk all things fitness with moms at every stage of their journey. We love Zelana’s all-natural approach and asked her to fill us in on the most basic tenets of a fit pregnancy. We love these three pointers to help keep pregnant moms fit, sane and feeling good for a full nine months and beyond.

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3 Top Tips For A Fit Pregnancy

Strengthen your core

Don’t shy away from core exercise just because you have a growing belly. It’s important to strengthen your core safely during pregnancy so your belly will flatten more quickly after the birth, to protect your lower back from injury and to keep those pelvic muscles in shape to prevent incontinence after labor (no fun!). In addition to core-targeting moves, remember to keep your core engaged and pelvic floor engaged when doing full body moves too. I have a great series for your core on the DVD to help you do this safely and effectively.

Don't assume a prenatal vitamin covers your needs

A good prenatal vitamin is important for filling nutritional gaps, but think of it only as an insurance policy. We absorb nutrients in a different way when we get them from food than we do in a pill, so nothing replaces whole, unprocessed, fresh options. Even though a prenatal vitamin contains the nutrients we need, our body might not assimilate all that’s offered in the vitamin. So eating a balanced, healthy diet is the only way to assure you are getting everything you and the baby needs. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, I like whole-food-based supplements since they’re gentle on the stomach and absorb better than other options.

Eating for two is old news

It’s hard to weed through all the eating advice thrown at pregnant women. The latest research now shows that eating double the amount only adds excessive weight and pregnancy complications. Instead, focus on getting balanced array of whole, fresh foods that nourish your body and your growing baby. Try smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day to avoid feeling too full. Get creative with snacks and meals to keep yourself motivated to eat well. For example, if you don’t love avocado but you know you still need those healthy fats, add avocado to a fruit smoothie to create a creamy, decadent treat. I’ve included delicious and simple recipes in the DVD series so you can have a wide variety of healthy options to choose from.

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