For the kitchen whiz, there’s no better gift to receive than one that’s ready to hit the butcher’s block. Whether you’re a home cook or just a foodie ready to eat, we’re swooning over these three gift boxes from Summerland. Filled with organic produce, natural and sustainable snacks, and ingredients to last long into the new year, these fresh-from-the-farm gift boxes are a major upgrade from the delivery box norm. Stale, sugary popcorn tins are a relic of the past: this holiday season, it’s all about gift sets like these that are good for both you and the planet.

This holiday season, Summerland has created three foodie-riffic gift ideas we’re loving : a Winter Pasta Box perfect for savory suppers, a Summerland Sweets Box you can break out on Christmas morning for french toast that will blow your mind (recipes included!), and a Taste Of The West Coast Box with bread and jam from California artisans we love. We’re giving away the Taste of the West Coast box to one lucky reader – give it as a gift or keep for yourself! More details below…

Winter Pasta Gift Box 

What’s inside:

This winter pasta box is the perfect savory holiday gift for friends and family. It includes Drake Family Farms goat cheese, Bread Lounge loaf, Maldon salt tin, Baia durum wheat semolina pasta, Other Brother olive oil, garlic, shallot, basil, baby arugula, Fat Uncle Farms raw almonds, plus a delicious recipe for arugula, basil and almond pesto pasta with shaved aged goat’s milk cheese.

Farm spotlight:

It was a happy day when Drake Family Farms popped up at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Having long awaited a dairy vendor at the market, we were not disappointed and quickly became loyal customers and huge fans. Produced by hand, in small batches, this cheese is made with passion and care, from some of the best goat’s milk we’ve seen. Popular for their chevre, with varieties ranging from garlic & onion to jalapeño, they also make some hard cheese, and their raw aged goat’s milk cheese has become a favorite for shaving on salads, pastas and soups. 

Summerland Sweets Gift Box

What's inside:

For the sweet tooth and breakfast lover, this box has all you need for cozy nights in and French toast family breakfasts. It includes Bread Lounge brioche, Lily’s eggs, Woodblock chocolate, Organic Pastures raw whole milk, INNA raspberry jam, Rosewood sugar cookies, blueberries and Vermont syrup, plus recipes for homemade hot chocolate and brioche French toast with maple syrup and blueberry compote.

Farm spotlight

Lily’s Eggs are our absolute favorite farmers-market find! Sustainably raised, free-range and well-fed, these chickens produce eggs that have a rich and creamy texture, with a large bright yolk and delicious flavor. Founders Robert Tropper and Diana Tuomey believe chickens are highly intelligent creatures and the chickens’ happiness and well-being are of upmost importance to these farmers. This care and respect comes through in the flavor and quality of these eggs.

Taste of the West Coast Holiday Gift Box

What's inside:

Featuring some of our favorite West Coast producers and regional artisans, this is a great box to send to friends and family, or to bring as a gift for a holiday party. The holidays are all about snacking, especially when you are all cooked out. From almonds to granola to chocolate, jam and nut butter to coffee, these items will keep you warm and satisfied during the cold months. The box includes Fat Uncle garlic & rosemary almonds, Other Brother olive oil, Woodblock chocolate, Big Spoons Roasters chai spice nut butter, INNA raspberry jam, Stumptown coffee, Pure Vermont maple syrup, Maldon sea salt and Bread Lounge granola.

Farm spotlight

Crafted in Northern California, and produced from locally sourced organic fruits, INNA Jams are made purely and thoughtfully. Their Polka Raspberry is made from fresh organic raspberries, with a lusciously bright and tart flavor. Perfect with toast and a little butter, or used in tarts and pie crust. This beautiful jam is one of our go-to pantry staples and we find ourselves eating it straight from the jar… it’s that good!

If you don’t know Bread Lounge… get to know them. These bakers are incredible and have become a go-to for sandwiches, soups, croissants and granola. All bread and pastries are baked each morning, by hand, in their downtown cafe, with natural ingredients. This means no preservatives and nothing artificial – just the highest quality simple ingredients. Their bread is made with natural yeast, which is not only healthier but tastes better and gives these loaves a crisp but soft texture and slightly tangy flavor.

Win This Gift Box!

We’re giving away a Taste of the West Coast Holiday Gift Box to one lucky  local TCM reader!  Here’s how to enter: simply sign up for The Chalkboard newsletter here and the Summerland newsletter here (bottom of home page.) Leave your comment below and let us know you’ve signed up! Be sure to sign up for both newsletters to be qualified.

Open to L.A.-based readers only. Giveaway closes Monday, December 15 at 5pm PST.

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