Pressed Juicery smoothies - brightly-colored, delicious and delicious juice blends!
  • Pressed Juicery smoothies - brightly-colored, delicious and delicious juice blends!
  • West Hollywood serves it up at our walk-up window
  • Which flavor is your favorite?
  • Smoothies made straight from our favorite juice bottles!
  • Our most-popular Pressed Juicery smoothie flavors!

It’s hard to believe that anything can be done to improve upon the flavors of Pressed Juicery’s sinfully delicious Almond Milk or obsession-worthy Greens 3. But the team at Pressed Juicery West Hollywood whips flavors like Chocolate Almond Milk and Greens 1 into the kind of smoothies you have to taste to believe! We’re completely hooked.

Ordering a smoothie at Pressed is easy – select one of the 33 juice flavors you love, the base you want it mixed with and in 60 seconds flat you’ve got West Hollywood’s best smoothie in hand.  As simple as ordering might be, deciding on your favorite juice and base combination can be much more difficult!  To help make the decision a little easier, we’ve asked Pressed Juicery West Hollywood to give us the scoop on which smoothies their customers are going crazy for right now!

Here are Pressed Juicery West Hollywood’s 4 most-requested smoothie flavors to try before the weather cools!

 Greens 1 + Coconut Almond Date

This is the original classic – just our pure green juice with a rich blend of healthy fats and sweet dates.

Roots 3 + Almond Banana

Beets in a smoothie? Don’t knock it til you try it! This smoothie is a surprisingly sweet, mineral-rich powerhouse with an irresistible pink color!

roots 4+ banana coconut

This is smoothie is a raw dream. Sweet carrots and banana, tangy ginger and rich coconut – think carrot cake in a glass.

coconut h2o+ coconut almond date

Our Coconut Almond Date base is good enough to eat on it’s own.The rich, creamy ice-cream-like consistency gets an extra dose of coconut with our coconut h2o. We think our Coconut water is the best-tasting on the market!

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