Everything You Need To Know About This Year’s Meaningful Gift Guide

Ah, readers. What a year it has been. We hate to be wistful and corny, but we’ve all been through a lot.

This holiday season has a.) started early (raise your hand if you have a holiday candle burning or even a tree up?) b.) gained a bit more meaning, as we’re thinking about what we value in this life more than ever, and c.) experienced a bit of a budget trim as many of us face a complex set of pressures brought on by all that is 2020.

For our Holiday Gift Guide this year, we went all in. Despite the pressures, despite the budget cuts, we wanted to bring you a holiday guide full of meaning, full of value, and full of deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have never been so important to brands across the country who are looking to stay afloat through the remainder of 2020. We kept that in mind, launching our Gift Guide early this year and honing our list of 12 meaningful brands as carefully as possible!

This year’s gift guide includes just twelve brands we know and trust implicitly, many of whom are like family and have grown with us over the years, creating truly meaningful wellness products that we stand by one hundred percent. We’ve also included a few accessible luxuries that we are living for at home right now — think silk robes, turmeric lattes and chic home accessories that serve a purpose. 

We cannot wait to reveal each gift guide offering beginning this coming Monday, November 23 and on through the early days of December! We hope you find holiday gift ideas you love for yourself and your loved ones, as well as discover brands that you can depend on twelve months out of the year.

We’re including smaller brands in the Gift Guide this year as well, alongside brands we’ve known for years and *truly, truly* trust. Every dollar counts this year, in a myriad of ways. Support brands you believe in. Buy gifts with meaning. And dont forget to have fun with it all. Strangely, that’s supposed to be the point, right?

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