20 Things Mindy Kaling Thought You Should Know

There are certain things you can expect to find on The Chalkboard: advice from top doctors (Dr. Fuhrman says to eat more nutrient dense foods), tips from fitness pros (Mandy Ingber says to detox with yoga) and recipes from healthy chefs. But, if you hang around here long enough you also know to expect the unexpected: marriage advice from surfer Laird Hamilton, green architecture tips from Lisa Ling, or Instagram insights from a supermodel. Needless to say, we like to keep our readers on their toes and to offer up perspectives from people and places you may never expect to find.

With comedienne Mindy Kaling at the helm this month, we hope to give you just that: an unexpected perspective on the mad stir of healthy activity that January often brings – juice cleanses, new resolutions, altered workouts and all. The lovely Mindy K is having one of those well-deserved Hollywood moments we love to see: she’s making us laugh more than ever, in more places than ever (on the shelf, on the screen) and seems to grow more gorgeous doing it every time we see her!

We asked Mindy to let us in on a few of her own healthful habits. From medicine cabinet must-haves to her daily on-the-go staples find out just what she’s been up to lately to stay in such glowingly good health…

My daily supplements:

I take a multi-vitamin called Alive! with iron (the exclamation point is on the bottle, I didn’t add it, although I am pretty excited about this supplement). I also take Biotin for my hair.

Daily breakfast:

I don’t drink coffee, but I do try to finish a Pressed Juicery Greens 2 on the way to work every morning. If huevos rancheros are readily available, I will eat them because they’re my favorite food, but they’re not that common, thank god.

My food philosophy in one sentence:

Eat healthy and light for breakfast and lunch and have a delicious, filling dinner. Or, more often than not: Eat candy all day and a box of Wheat Thins for dinner, go to bed mad at myself having consumed all the sodium in the land.

Fave workout:

If I could do one workout for the rest of my life, it would be a 2 – 3 mile run followed by a Pop Physique class. Running clears my mind and releases anxiety. Pop makes me feel flexible and strong. It is super hard and uses many ballet moves. I always pretend I’m Natalie Portman in Black Swan while doing it.

Can’t live without:

The bottle of water I keep by my bed. I wake up insanely thirsty in the middle of the night. I think my dreams are too intense and are dehydrating me.

Crazy health idea that actually works:

When I run I pretend I’m chasing down the man who killed my gorgeous husband on our wedding day, and it almost always motivates me.

Once a week for my health I:

On the weekends I try to take my probiotic and fish oil tablets. I never remember during the week. I also go for a long, slow jog.

On tap: how do you drink your water?

I grew up on tap water and still feel like being fussy about water makes me look kind of Hollywood, in a bad way.

Best healthy fast food option:

Fresco chicken tacos from Taco Bell. Is that healthy-ish?

Best healthy restaurant tip:

I have no tips for eating at restaurants. I have no self-control. I have never once turned down a bread basket in my life.

Go-to health resources:

My dermatologist, Gene Rubinstein, is phenomenal. He has literally changed my skin from acne-prone to perfectly clear.

At least once a week I cook…

I never cook, but sometimes I try to make this delicious and very easy stracciatella soup from Epicurious. It’s a kind of Italian egg drop soup with spinach and Parmesan cheese. It tastes delicious with a baguette.

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be...

Sleep at least five hours a day.

Reading list:

Jhumpa Lahiri, Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake. Zadie Smith, On Beauty. I’m also reading the Steve Wynn biography, The Vegas Tycoon; I love non-fiction about big shots.


Wash makeup brushes once a week.

Fave healthy getaway:

My friend and I once drove to Santa Barbara for New Year’s with juices for three days. We juiced and got massages for three days instead of going out with friends and drinking. It was the best; we saved money and started the New Year alert and skinny.

Health trend to skip:

I can’t do spinning. The seats hurt my butt too much.

5 things always in my medicine cabinet:

Neosporin, Advil, Coldcalm, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, New Skin liquid bandage.

Simplest way to improve health:

For me, if I lose weight, almost every single other health issue I have goes away. It sucks, but it’s true!

My health resolutions:

Don’t eat everything in sight; try to be able to do a split by this time next year.

My go-to juice or smoothie:

Pressed Juicery Greens 2 for every day, and Chocolate Almond for treats.

My current mantra:

What would Julia Louis Dreyfus do?

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  1. I love Mindy, especially on the Office! Her new show is great too, but her character isn’t quite as ridiculous, although close:) Any skin tips from her awesome derm? I could really use some helpful hints to get rid of some intense inflammation/acne from SIBO.

    Jessica | 01.07.2014 | Reply
    • the lady who gives me facials said eating too much dairy was causing congestion under my skin which in turn looked like an inflamed messs…

      Maya | 01.22.2014 | Reply
  2. I love this! Mindy seems very comfortable in her own skin. It is obvious she doesn’t live a ‘clean’ lifestyle which is refreshing and energizing in its own way. She has found balance with exercise, eating well, Pressed Juicery juices and every now and balancing food indulgences. LOVE it! Mindy and I do have two things in common; Pressed Juicery greens #2 & Alive! multivitamin. Thanks Chalkboard for the wonderful highlight of a wonderful person. Be well. Peace & light, namaste`

    De~De | 01.10.2014 | Reply
  3. love her so much! thanks for the awesome guest Chalkboard!

    Bridget | 01.10.2014 | Reply
    • Isn’t she fabulous, Bridget? Stay tuned for more!

      The Chalkboard | 01.13.2014 | Reply
  4. I love you Mindy!

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