Briohny Smith’s first yoga video for Equinox Fitness went viral and took the web by storm.  Working with the Equinox team once again, Briohny and husband, yogi Dice Iida-Klein have teamed up to create this beautiful demonstration of acrobatic yoga for two. We would caution readers not to ‘try this at home’, but truthfully, we wanted to know just how Bri and Dice learned these impressive moves and how the rest of us could learn a few of them for ourselves!

The Chalkboard Magazine: Which of you began their yoga practice first? Did you meet through yoga or did one lead the other into it?
BS: Although I found Yoga 15 years ago and Dice 5 years ago, I have learned so much from him!  He continuously inspires both my physical and spiritual practice.  Dice is the reason why I can handstand and he always reminds me that being humble and kind is more important than any advanced transition.

TCM: How did you learn these beautiful poses for two? Is there a class folks can take?
BS: Our passion for Acro Yoga was sparked by good friend and fellow yoga teacher, Phillip Askew who teaches at Katonah Yoga in NYC and produces the his own amazing videos on YouTube under New York City Vinyasa.

When we first started practicing, we would ride our bikes to this green patch of grass just south of the Santa Monica pier.  On Saturdays, the ‘Green Grass‘, as we like to call it, is a melting pot of Yogis, Acrobats, Hand Balancers, B Boys, & even Capoiera practitioners.  It was here that we met a very talented man named Ernie Thrash who has helped guide us ever since!

When we aren’t at the Green Grass, we are practicing at home in our living room with my daughter Taylor (who can do almost all of the transitions in our video!).

There are many classes that have popped up in LA, but our favorite is at Black Dog in Sherman Oaks.  If you happen to find yourself in NYC, pop down to Phillip Askew’s Acro class at Katonah Yoga!

TCM: The location in the video looks like the ideal place to practice. Where was this video shot?
BS: We filmed this video in a gorgeous private home in Montauk, New York.

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