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Before adding any new habits or ideas to our 2018 plans, we’re taking a look at the habits, ideas, products and even relationships that we’re ready to cut out and leave behind in 2017.
By cutting out the things that no longer serve us, we’re able to open up space for health, abundance, better ideas and ease. Here are our top suggestions for things  to cut out of your life in 2018 from toxic products to toxic people
Desk LunchSad Desk Lunches | Take care of your mid-day meal for better nutrition and just a slightly happier life. It can be tough to stay on track with nutrition goals when at work — stock up on some of our easy and delicious ideas for not-sad office lunches. READ MORE
An Ungrateful Attitude | A sharpened sense of gratitude can overpower even the stickiest states of anxiety, overwhelm and suffering. Learn to transform your mood, and your well being will transform too. READ MORE
Hydrogenated Corn SyruP | We know there are a ton of ingredients to steer clear of these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop all of them at once. As you read food labels this year, keep an eye out for this one specifically, and try to omit it completely. READ MORE 
Toxic People | You are who you surround yourself with; make sure your crew is good, grounded and supportive of you becoming your best self. READ MORE
Fear + Overcautiousness | We loved the message in this piece by author and entrepreneur Amanda de Cadet on getting fired, body image hang ups and more. READ MORE
Petrochemicals | The number one offender found in many beauty products doesn’t go by just one name. Get to know the many toxic faces of petrochemicals, where they lurk and why we need to kick them out of our own cabinets.  READ MORE
Too Much Stress | Nothing takes down your well being better that a never-abating spiral of stress. Learning how to manage it bit by bit, day by day, is a commitment that’s easier to sustain than you might think (and one that can increase your overall health and quality of life exponentially).  READ MORE
Toxic Beauty Products | There’s no time like the present to pack up those beauty products you’ve been holding onto for ages and swap in some clean, green options instead. Need an extra push? Read up on sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals commonly found in commercial beauty products and how they affect us over time.  READ MORE
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