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The skincare deliveries this winter have been endless – most brands’ pandemic-related supply chain issues have subsided and we’re seeing more products than ever. Although being a guinea pig for all this goodness may seem like a delight, it can become daunting for someone like me with sensitive skin and a genuine wish to share only what’s best.

These are a few of the best clean beauty products I’ve tried this month that are worth the splurge to brighten and lift both your complexion and your mood…

12 Clean Beauty Essentials To Brighten Up The End Of Winter

Odacité Cryo-tech Facial Tool | Who would have thought I had room on my vanity for one more beauty tool? But Odacite’s new cryo-tech wand (shown center above) is an instant must-have. Shaped to fit the curves of the face, the tool is made of Terahertz, an engineered stone made in Japan that instantly cools when it touches ice. Use the flat side for a simple lymphatic massage and the beaded end for pressure points that will wake circulation. I’m a huge fan of all things gua sha and skin icing, but there are so many tools to choose from. Odacite’s tool hits all the marks — a new favorite and likely a cult hit.

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BIOEFFECT EGF Plumping and Firming Serum | EGF is a protein in our skin, vital for the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to maintain skin elasticity and density. BioEffect’s EGF serum is uniquely plant-based, and impressively effective. I credit this serum for carrying me through last year’s stressful cold and flu season without gaining a wrinkle. I’m hesitant to make big claims about anti-aging serums, but this one legitimately smoothed and maintained my skin health in ways I still don’t quite understand. It’s the one I’ve been texting friends about alongside this NAD serum.

Jones Road The Bronzer + The Bronzer Brush | Bobbi Brown’s latest makeup venture, Jones Road makes three killer products in my book: the eyeliner pencil, the concealer crayon (below), and their brand new bronzer.

The Jones Road team let me know this product had been years in the making, but I wondered how special a bronzer could be. One swoosh of bronzer later, I had a warm glow that required little blending. I’m still not sure if it’s the bronzer or the brush that giving me the magic, but I’m not willing to part with either. This Bronzer is good in a way that’s difficult to describe, like your favorite shade of red lipstick. For an everyday bronzer, I predict that Jones Road will start to top the clean beauty charts from now on. 

clean beauty winter essentialsJones Road The Face Pencil | One more Jones Road pick, The Face Pencil was sent to me in January, as part of a press kit with a card that read: ‘How not to look like sh*t’. True to the brand’s commitment to an effortless, second-skin look, this concealer magically accomplishes what is needed with little effort. The formula glides on, blends well, and lasts.

The kit I received included two shades of the pencil, one in my natural skin tone, and another, one shade lighter. I highly recommend picking up two sticks if you’re the kind of person who loves to wear just concealer without any foundation.

Alexis Smart Flower Remedies BEAUTY FORMULA NO.7 GAMINE™ | I am an Alexis Smart super-fan. The only way to understand flower remedies is to try them, and Alexis makes some of the best. Tapping in to the energetic roots of many skin-related issues, this Gamine remedy is formulated to support confidence and a glowing complexion. It’s difficult for many of us to understand how a tincture could affect our emotional state or our skin, but this formula has quickly become a best-seller for the brand. I’ve found many of her hyper-specific remedies to be absolute game-changers when I select the right one. Read more on flower remedies HERE.

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LoveSeen Featherlift Lashes | It feels a bit dated to call someone a “style guru”, but — if they still exist — Jenna Lyons is definitely one of them. After a unique career in fashion as J.Crew’s creative director, Jenna recently launched a line of really good faux lashes named LoveSeen. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at a good false lash, pick a pair from the stylish founder of LoveSeen and experiment with them on quiet winter days when you work from home. (Yes, it’s extra, but no it’s not too much!)   

Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss | The Tower 28 brand keeps expanding in ways I didn’t expect and everything they make is really fun — the perfect beauty brand for all-natural beach bunnies. If “non-sticky” has already caught your eye in the product name, this gloss is for you. It really is a lip gloss — super-shiny with a solid dose of pigment, but with plenty of nourishing moisture. Most lip products that claim to be both a balm and a gloss don’t measure up, but Tower 28 Lip Jellys’ really are comfortable and hydrating with a nice pop of color.

clean skincare for winterILIA Bright Start Eye Cream | An almost-makeup eye cream is what one might expect from ILIA, one of the best clean makeup brands out there. This eye cream provides instant gratification with a subtle pearl-based shimmer and hit of de-puffing caffeine. Over time, plant-based retinol alternative, sea fennel extract, brightens, firms, and smooths the skin. Bonus points for the built-in applicator for a quick and easy under-eye massage.

saie Glowy Super Gel | I fell in love with the Saie brand right at the start — mostly because of Glowy Super Gel. The name says it all, providing a clean shimmering glow with a light, dewy gel formula that’s so easy to wear. A great product to layer on through the dry winter months to bring the look of life back to pale, dry skin. Plant-derived glycerin and rose hip seed oil provide moisture without a heavy or greasy feel. I love to wear this product on it’s own, when I don’t feel like wearing makeup. Try the Sunglow shade for a hint of warmth.

alpyn lip mask

alpyn beauty plumping lip mask | I recently realized that the trending overnight lip mask so many swear by isn’t “clean”. No shame — consumers really have to pick their battles when it comes to shopping safer ingredients. But, one of my goals is to share easy-access alternatives that’ll help you reduce your exposure to questionable ingredients (since the government does not).

An overnight lip mask can work wonders in dry winter months and the Sephora reviews on this one are hard to beat. Alpyn’s lip mask uses white willow bark with naturally occurring salicylic acid to gently exfoliate, along with hyaluronic acid and a slew of deeply hydrating ingredients to avoid chapping and for more fullness.

rms beauty ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush | Lastly, one of my favorite cult, clean brands of all time, RMS and their Hydra Powder Blush. A good blush has to be the ultimate winter skin VIP and RMS’ version gives a luminous, hydrating glow you’re going to love. The gel-to-powder formula melts into skin with nourishing ingredients and comes in beautifully flattering shades. These color do wear true, so shop accordingly and check their skin tone swatching.

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