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Read and Feed: 11 Plant-based Cookbooks For This Summer
The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking

When a New York Times columnist writes a cookbook, we instantly know something of magnitude has occurred. We were not disappointed. Rose Shulman's The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking offers a starting point for anyone looking to delve into the world of plant-based cooking. Unlike other cookbooks, she teaches the reader how to cook basic dishes such as a frittata or an omelette, a pasta dish or a soup, and then how to swap key ingredients as desired based on seasonality and freshness. By having these basic templates at your fingertips, no matter where you live or shop, you will be able to prepare luscious, meatless main dishes simply and easily.

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Some folks prefer fairy tales before bed, but for us, there’s nothing better than climbing into bed with a brand new cookbook! Reading a new cookbook cover-to-cover with all its gorgeous photography and inspiring recipes whisks us away to a heavenly place and readies our imagination for the best possible foodie dreams. We’ve sifted through some of the latest and greatest hitting the shelves this summer and are sharing a few faves from our own growing pile of nightstand reads. Click through and pick a few to flip through…

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