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Read and Feed: 11 Plant-based Cookbooks For This Summer
Joyous Health

One of our most adored nutritionists, Joy McCarthy, finally compiled all of her insights, wisdom and recipes into one place, Joyous Health. This book is far more than a cookbook; it is THE place to go for all of the answers to your most pressing health and nutrition questions and queries. Joy has a talent for communication, taking the most complicated and esoteric concepts and packaging them up in a way that any health novice can understand. From breaking down the mechanics of good digestion, to home remedies for common ailments, this is the book you need when first embarking on a health journey. Buy it for yourself, for your best friends and most adored family members, because Joy will get your health routine up and running in no time.

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Some folks prefer fairy tales before bed, but for us, there’s nothing better than climbing into bed with a brand new cookbook! Reading a new cookbook cover-to-cover with all its gorgeous photography and inspiring recipes whisks us away to a heavenly place and readies our imagination for the best possible foodie dreams. We’ve sifted through some of the latest and greatest hitting the shelves this summer and are sharing a few faves from our own growing pile of nightstand reads. Click through and pick a few to flip through…

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