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Read and Feed: 11 Plant-based Cookbooks For This Summer
Vibrant Food

We were sold on Vibrant Food without even opening the cover. Celebrating the ingredients, recipes and colors of each season, author Kimberely Hasselbrink has taken food art to the next level. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then those thousands words would be used to describe the sheer culinary satisfaction of tasting these plant-based recipes. Kimberley turns the act of cooking into a feast for the eyes, combining colors, textures and flavors into gorgeous, dynamic dishes. From the savory tastes of Red Beet Risotto, and Squash Blossom and Green Coriander Quesadillas, to the sweeter notes of Cherry Ginger Granola with Peaches and Broiled Figs with Za'atar and Pecans, the only complaint you will have is where to begin cooking!

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Some folks prefer fairy tales before bed, but for us, there’s nothing better than climbing into bed with a brand new cookbook! Reading a new cookbook cover-to-cover with all its gorgeous photography and inspiring recipes whisks us away to a heavenly place and readies our imagination for the best possible foodie dreams. We’ve sifted through some of the latest and greatest hitting the shelves this summer and are sharing a few faves from our own growing pile of nightstand reads. Click through and pick a few to flip through…

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