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10 Must-Have Snacks From Our Fave Gluten-Free + Vegan Mama
Quinoa Maki Rolls

Looking for another way to incorporate nori into your diet? I'm obsessed with making these maki rolls, which is a cross between a sushi roll and hand roll. The best part is no fish or rice is required. They're a cinch to make. Take one nori sheet and spread on a layer of cooked (and slightly cooled) organic quinoa. Position the nori sheet vertically so one narrow end is facing toward you. Next, place four slices of avocado and a few chopped bell pepper bits evenly on the closest end. Lightly dampen both vertical ends with water, then take the closest end and begin rolling away from you. Continue rolling until it meets the other end, which will be sticky and allow the roll to close. Slice in half, top on a simple salad and voila!

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10 Must-Have Snacks From Our Fave Gluten-Free + Vegan Mama
Our hat’s are off to all you pregnant mamas out there surviving the summer in style! One of our favorite moms-about-town is Natalie Alcala, editor-in-chief of Racked LA and one of the healthiest preggos we know!Natalie has been ‘gramming away since becoming pregnant on her new Instagram account, GFV Mama. As she documents her nutritional journey from pregnancy to motherhood (she’s due in September!), even we non-preggo health-lovers are digging her choices in nutrition-rich munchies. Natalie is styling that bump and glowing like like nobody’s business. We’ll have what she’s having…

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  1. Ten snacks from the gluten free vegan mama article is a must read even for us non vegan foodies. I can’t wait to try some of her recipes and perhaps enter into a world of healthy snacks. I’d love to see more of Natalie’s recipes. Thank you

    Rose Sheade | 07.29.2014 | Reply
  2. I’m going to share Natalie Alcala’s article with my friends.

    Rose Sheade | 07.29.2014 | Reply

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