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10 Essentials With The Girls Of Carbon38
Get Real: Unreal No-Junk Candy

But then there are days when sweets are absolutely necessary.  So we have an emergency stash of “unjunked” m&m’s.  Unreal makes candy that’s not so bad for us, so even if we finish the entire bag in a 45 minute sitting we still consumed a fair amount of protein and fiber so we’re still ahead.  It’s the little things…

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carbon 38 fitness line workout gear luxury workout clothes

We firmly adhere to the belief that true beauty is achieved from the inside out. But even the most self-assured of us cannot deny that the right gear, grub and gadgets never hurt – especially in the gym! No matter the time of day or type of workout, looking chic and feeling fueled can be the difference between the status quo and a new personal record, give us confidence to try that new class, or simply remind us that working out is, at its core (no pun intended), a way of showing ourselves some major love. We love walking into the gym looking luxe – and walking out feeling like rockstars! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop-shop to obtain all you need to put some haute into your yoga or runway into your run?

Meet our newest obsession: Carbon38. This online outpost, created by professional ballet dancers Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak, handpicks designs and designers from around the world to provide the solution of stylish, comfortable, machine-washable luxury designs to those of us yearning for a Vogue-worthy alternative to the cookie cutter apparel we see in every run of the mill fitness catalogue…or the same old leggings and tank top we’ve had in our closets since 2008.

Katie and Caroline are experts in all things fashion and fitness, so we jumped at the chance to sneak a peek at their fresh fall favorites, as well as the staples that keep them looking and feeling fabulous all year long. You’ve heard of spring cleaning? Get ready to give your gym bag an autumn makeover.

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