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Spring begins this Friday – and we’ve never been more ready. Winter freeze to the left. Hello warm weather, brighter evenings, and all that pre-summer buzz! Like us, you’re likely already busy scheduling a host of outdoor plans to celebrate the incoming weather. We’re ready to hook you up with all the essentials you need for a season you won’t soon forget…

We’ve partnered with lifestyle blogger and hostess-with-the-mostest Camille Styles for a fun Pinterest contest all about spring. Pulling inspiration from our own pages – and the pages of Camille’s new book Camille Styles Entertaining – we’re lighting up Pinterest with all the fresh juices, light bites and floral-filled inspiration we can get our hands on. Also joining us, one of our favorite fashion brands, Splendid, who has the whole spring look on lock. Every one of Splendid’s sun-washed shops is filled with our quintessential spring basics: think striped Ts, rompers you’ll never want to take off – plus a line of adorable footwear we hadn’t discovered til this contest – hello, sandals!

Head on over to Pinterest to take a peek at our TCM x Camille Styles board. Get inspired, then build a board of your own to be entered to win our incredible spring-ready giveaway! Our contest winner will receive a adorable spring look from Splendid (valued at $250,) a Pressed Juicery 3-Day Cleanse (Cleanse 2, value $179), plus a copy of Camille’s new book Camille Styles Entertaining  – the perfect spring start-up package worth nearly $500. Here’s everything you need to know below. Get pinning and show us what’s inspiring you to make this season the brightest one yet…


What You'll Win:

One lucky reader will win a spring outfit from Splendid (valued at $250,) Pressed Juicery 3-day cleanse (Cleanse 2, value $179), and a copy of Camille Styles Entertaining – a spring start-up package valued at nearly $500!

Step 1: Find Us On Pinterest

Find and follow The Chalkboard Mag, Pressed Juicery and Camille Styles on Pinterest. Be sure to follow all three!

Step 2: Create a New Board

Create a new Pinterest board and title it #TCMxCamilleStyles

Step 3: Pin Your Heart Out!

Build your board and share what’s inspiring you to stay healthy this spring. Pin at least two images from our TCM x CamilleStyles Pinterest board along with what’s inspiring you during this warm and sunny time of year. You must include at least two images from our board to be included in the contest – the rest is up to you!

Step 4: Submit Your Board

Once you feel your board is complete, all you’ve got to do is let us know! Officially enter the giveaway by leaving a link to your board in the comments below. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, March 30th!

Giveaway closes Monday, March 30th at 5PM PST. Open to continental US residents only. Good luck, readers!

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  1. https://www.pinterest.com/aljrdavid/tcmxcamillestyles/ Thanks for the chance and reminding me to get and be healthy!

    Linda Poplees | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  2. Ready for summer!

  3. Colette Heiser | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  4. Maria corso | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  5. Can’t wait for warmer weather!

  6. Can’t wait for Spring! The snow is finally melting!


    Megan Caton | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  7. It was fun creating this board. Thank you 🙂

    Joumana Foster | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  8. I’m ready for spring and being able to eat for vegetables I can grow & pick. https://www.pinterest.com/julybug17/tcmxcamillestyles/

    Oanh Ho | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  9. Loretta | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  10. Lindsay | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  11. Kim | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  12. Shannon | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  13. Sooooo fun! Here’s to a healthy Spring and warmer weather!

  14. Amy | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  15. Karlien | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  16. Can’t wait for all the things spring has in store for us!

    Kira Thomasser | 03.16.2015 | Reply
  17. Beth | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  18. Katie B | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  19. MorganT | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  20. Kim B. | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  21. mary | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  22. Ani | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  23. Pinterest.com/lbrisco/tcmxcamillestyles

    lara | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  24. Pinterest.com/lbrisco/tcmxcamillestyles/ sorry I forgot the backslash in the first entry that I posted. 🙂

    lara | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  25. Nicole Moore | 03.17.2015 | Reply
  26. Anni | 03.18.2015 | Reply
  27. Nancy S. | 03.18.2015 | Reply
  28. Michelle | 03.18.2015 | Reply
  29. Kate Causey | 03.18.2015 | Reply
  30. yeah thanks, i wasn’t thinking about spring yet until i made my board.

    Lynn T. | 03.18.2015 | Reply
  31. Shelly | 03.19.2015 | Reply
  32. Life is great! I am so inspired by spring flowers, super food smoothies and juices, yoga outfits, lavender and lemon oils, pretty clothes, awesome home furnishing designs, nice weather and fruit water and heathy ways. Thank you for such inspiring Pinterest boards.

  33. Melissa | 03.20.2015 | Reply
  34. Emily Benowitz | 03.20.2015 | Reply
  35. I really enjoyed making this board!

    Kat | 03.20.2015 | Reply
  36. I am ready for everything Spring brings.

    • http://www.pinterest.com/sweetpetals16/tcm-x-camille-styles/

      Spring is my All Time Favorite Season and I’m constantly looking forward to it! It becomes my perfect weather to go out and enjoy the sun! Hiking, walking, jogging, camping, swimming, I can do them all, you just gotta set the date! Plus spring colours are Gorgeous! I would love and appreciate this gift! ❤

  37. Can’t wait to relax in my backyard (aka my happy place) this spring!


  38. Lisa M | 03.24.2015 | Reply
  39. Elaina K | 03.25.2015 | Reply
  40. Jessica Morales | 03.26.2015 | Reply
  41. Jill Sabo | 03.26.2015 | Reply
  42. I love the season of spring: the endless possibilities available to go outside, be active and simple live well!

  43. https://www.pinterest.com/kstruiksma/tcmxcamillestyles/

    I love the season of spring: the endless possibilities available to go outside, be active and simple live well!

  44. Lindsey | 03.27.2015 | Reply
  45. Sarah | 03.27.2015 | Reply
  46. Jennifer Essad | 03.27.2015 | Reply
  47. Love you guys, thanks for the contest!


    Christine L. | 03.28.2015 | Reply
  48. Madison dixon | 03.28.2015 | Reply
  49. I never thought of myself as Pinterest aficionado but I had more fun with this board than I could’ve imagined! Here’s the link to my #TCMCamilleStyle board:

    Thanks 🙂

    D.E. | 03.29.2015 | Reply
  50. Here’s my board! Thanks for the contest! I had a lot of fun with this 🙂

    Kithumini | 03.30.2015 | Reply
  51. caprice sassano | 03.30.2015 | Reply
  52. Hallie P | 03.30.2015 | Reply
  53. I know I’m a little late, spring happened

  54. The link didn’t go through 🙁 sorry about that! http://www.pinterest.com/djgotadonk/tcmxcamillestyles/

    Drew Jones | 03.30.2015 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 03.30.2015 | Reply
    • Oh my goodness thank you so much! I haven’t received an email yet so I was wondering how I would claim my prize?

      kira | 04.05.2015 | Reply


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