How To Prepare For A New Years Juice Cleanse - Pressed Juciery Cleanse
Preparing For A New Year’s Juice Cleanse: 5 of Our Favorite Tips From 2012
Expert Advice with pH Miracle: Alkalizing with Green Juice

Shelley Young of the pH Miracle is brimming with life and we were glad back in September when so many of our readers responded to her message about alkalization. Shelley has appeared a few times now on The Chalkboard and you can keep your eye out for her advice in January as we talk more about the powers of green juice, juicing cleanse and alkalinity. Read Shelley's piece to get yourself psyched for a healthier new year!


With New Year’s just around the corner the idea of a getting back to square one is on all of our minds. And nothing says getting back to the basics like juice cleanse. Around The Chalkboard offices, this is something of a seasonal ritual and we all have our own favorite Pressed Juicery juices and ways of going about the cleanse. If you’re considering a juice cleanse after the new year too, we’ve got a tip for you – a few tips that is, from a few of our favorite experts featured in 2012.

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