Split photo with Heyday Spa lounge on the left and close-up of their wallpapered wall on the right

NYC’s fave skincare studio, Heyday is basically the Dry Bar of facials. They just opened their first spot on the Left Coast right here in West Hollywood — and we predict that everyone from your low-maintenance boyfriend to your most most high-maintenance friend will be sneaking in for regular facials.

Long shot of Heyday Spa reception area viewed through to a therapy room

Heyday allows you to pop in for a luxury facial experience minus the traditional stuffy spa setting. Their curation of non-toxic skincare products is a major perk, but the concept is obsession-worthy on its own. Drop in for a 30-minute mini-facial between errands or a 75-minute skincare extravaganza — either way, you’re guaranteed a thoughtfully customized treatment and cant-stop-staring results.

Our NYC friends have been raving about this habit-forming studio for years.. Unsurprisingly, our first visit to Heyday was practically perfect. Here are the top five reasons why we can’t get enough…

Split photo with 4 shelves filled with products on the left and long shot of the Heyday Spa store on the right

Customized Facials | Does it ever get better than this? The goal of any facial is to leave with good skin and that’s practically a guarantee at Heyday. We don’t need to worry about defining our dream complexion for our facialist, they take a look and then get to work on the balancing act for your specific skin situation. They ask about your current products and routine, then they get to work helping you to balance it out. You can book an appointment for 30 minutes, 50 minutes or 75 minutes. Each treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hydration, and SPF protection. The longer facials include extractions. Decide what your skin needs and get it delivered on a silver platter.

Natural Products | Everything used at Heyday is clean, natural and/or non-toxic. We absolutely love their lineup. Everything is beautiful, but more importantly, everything is powerful and effective. The facialists know everything there is to know about the ingredients including how they interact with each other, with your skin and with the products you normally use. You can peruse in store or buy online.

Facial therapy room with a woman on the therapy bed and an aesthetician ready to work

Expert Estheticians | You don’t have to spend all day in a spa or shell out crazy amounts of money to get face time with a top skin pro. Everyone at Heyday is well-trained and deeply knowledgeable. They aren’t about pushing products because their pay doesn’t depend on commission as so many spas and facial places do. Heyday’s blog reflects the thinking of the whole organization; they’re concerned with the science of skincare and are looking to provide comprehensive education for just about every skin type.

flash facials | Heyday locations are designed for ease of access. Case in point, West Hollywood has it’s own parking lot – LA gold! Think of this spot as the alternative for those who’d never step foot – or make time – for a full spa day.

Split photo with different areas inside Heyday Spa

a Great Vibe | The place is designed to be an anti-spa paradise — modern, warm and un-intimidating. We love Heyday’s style, and the music isn’t sleepy spa music – it’s chill and fun. You don’t feel like you have to whisper, but you still won’t feel disturbed by anyone else during your treatment.

Heyday is redefining the facial experience. It’s the perfect spa to build into your monthly routine for quick facials that won’t break the bank, but still get you glowing.

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