A gorgeous new cookbook is always cause for celebration. Most of the time, this involves a little jig when FedEx drops off the new book, followed by a glass of wine with some hasty cooking plans. For our latest cookbook crush, however, we took things to another level.

To celebrate author and Chalkboard contributor Meredith Baird‘s latest project, Coconut Kitchen, we decided to gather a few of our favorite L.A. ladies inside the charming indoor/outdoor space at The Little Door Santa Monica. We knew our crew would appreciate the beautiful, modern and practical tribute to our favorite nutrient-dense nut and, truth be told, our team is always looking for an excuse to spike our coconut water.

The gathering of incredible wellness women that joined us Wednesday evening – a mix of editors, nutritionists, yogis, and the other usual Chalkboard suspects – enjoyed coconut-laced cocktails, The Little Door’s light Mediterranean-style food, and a super-summery book signing with Meredith as the twinkle lights blinked in the lemon trees.

The women we know in wellness are an amazing bunch – and it was all we could do not to force several of our talented pals into impromptu sessions and sittings right there and then; raw menu planning near the fireplace, acupuncture at the bar. We behaved ourselves, for the most part, and sent all of our guests home happy and relaxed with TCM totes in tow. Our exclusive event tote was stuffed with sandalwood mala beads, juicy gift cards, one of our favorite green powders, organic face serum from Odacite, coconut cooking goodies by Nutiva, Kusmi’s scented tea, and, of course, a copy of Coconut Kitchen.

Our guests enjoyed custom Pressed Juicery coconut water cocktails crafted by The Little Door team just for our gathering. Get inspired, shake things up and invite a few friends of your own over for the coconut champagne punch recipe below – we’re all about it!

Sparkling Honey Coconut Punch
Makes 1 cocktail


1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
1/4 cup grapefruit juice
1/4 cup pomegranate juice
1/4 cup Pressed Juicery Coconut H2O
splash of agave
splash of ginger syrup
splash of honey
1 oz Pimms
top with champagne


Add crushed ice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice, Pressed Juicery’s coconut h2o, Pimms and agave to a martini shaker and shake.

Pour the mixture into a highball cocktail glass.

Add a splash of ginger syrup and honey.

Top with champagne and serve!

The Spiked Mint Melon
Makes 1 cocktail


1 cup fresh watermelon
1/2 bottle of Pressed Juicery Watermelon Lemon Mint
1 shot of vodka
A few fresh mint leaves


Use a bar jigger or shot glass to measure ingredients as you go.

Blend fresh watermelon in blender until smooth.

Fill martini shaker with crushed ice.

Add blended watermelon, Pressed Juicery watermelon juice and vodka to a martini shaker and shake.

Pour into cocktail glass and add fresh mint leaves to taste.

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