Looking to give the gift that keeps on giving? The kind of thoughtful surprise that will delight them well beyond the day of? Any wellness lover knows, any practice for your health and wellbeing is all about consistency. So what if you could give them a gift that supports that all year? Consider subscriptions this holiday season.

Whether it’s helping them cross something off their miles-long to-do list, sharing a supplement gem you know they’ll love, or supporting their new year’s resolutions for mindfulness, there’s a subscription gift for everyone on your list. We’ve rounded up our favorites.

9 Subscriptions That Make Surprisingly Great Gifts

Pvolve Signature Bundle | Is there anyone that wouldn’t love to receive Jennifer Aniston’s favorite workout? For boutique fitness lovers and anyone feeling like they’re in a rut with their movement routine, functional fitness could be the best surprise this holiday season. Complete with equipment and a one-month subscription to classes to help them get their fitness goals started. Just in time for the new year.

Fatty15 90-Day Starter Kit | For the one on your list that is working on their longevity or just loves a new supplement for their routine, gift them cutting-edge support from fatty15. The 90-day starter pack features a newly discovered essential fatty acid that has been clinically proven to protect your cells from aging-related oxidative damage. Get all the details from our first-hand contributor review and show them you want them to be around for a while.

Frame Pilates Reformer + Classes | Love the idea of a Peloton but not a fan of spin? Bring the high-tech benefits of the latest home gym trends to your Pilates practice with the Frame reformer. This showstopper of a gift comes with a month of classes so they can have an instructor close by to keep them on track.

Headspace Meditation App | Support your loved ones on their mindfulness journey with a subscription to Headspace, consistently one of our favorite meditation apps on the market. With guided series for stress, sleep and anxiety, there’s an approach that fits every goal. And whether they have 5 minutes or 20, there’s always an option to drop in, check in, and breathe.

Ghia Le Spritz Pack | Do you have friends in your life looking for a way to reduce their wine consumption? Help them commit to less alcohol easily with a subscription of this cult-fave non-alcoholic apéritif. Now available in handy cans and multpacks for flavor options, a Ghia subscription will help ensure they stay on track beyond Dry January.

ARMRA Colostrum Immune Revival | Instead of gifting them a moisturizer this year, why not support their beauty from the inside out? We’re obsessed with ARMRA colostrum for it’s benefits for skin and immune health. Plus, it’s clinically proven to be at least 3x as effective as the flu shot. So not only are you giving them a glow up, they’ll be more likely to avoid flu season this year too.

Alignmode App | For the women in your life who have begun a mindfulness journey, but haven’t found that perfect fit to keep things consistent, we recommend Alignmode. It was created by a woman that wanted to get not just meditation but even more specific messages on mindset and law of attraction manifestation from an app. Designed to support everyday situations and needs, gift them a subscription of a kind and gentle guiding hand they can access all year.

LMNT Electrolytes | You’ve heard us rave about LMNT electrolytes for deep hydration before, but have you considered giving them as a gift? Studies have shown most of us are regularly at least mildly dehydrated, so it’s perfect for pretty much anyone on your list. With a subscription option, you’ll be sharing a lasting impression on their health and there’s delicious flavors to choose from from Grapefruit Salt to a warmed-up version with Chocolate Salt. Best stocking stuffer ever?

Hiya Kids Supplements | Cross nutritional support off any parent’s to-do list for them and gift them Hiya’s complete offering of yummy gummy supplements for kids. With a Daily Multivitamin, Probiotic, and now a sleep formula called Bedtime Essentials, they have everything covered. Beloved by nutrition experts and parents alike, you can score the first month for them at 50% off.


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