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CBD may be an unlikely hero in the bedroom, but “hero” it is. Maybe you’re one of the large population of women who either have trouble reaching the big “O” or who have a health condition that makes sex less than comfortable (more common than you may think!). Or maybe you’re just ready to get things turned all the way up.  Either way, we’re having a fascinating conversation with a brand below about the ground-breaking CBD lubricant that is upgrading sex lives everywhere (and, no, there’s no THC involved!)

Women have been buzzing about Foria Wellness’ CBD-infused products to us for months. We were delighted to find that the team behind the brand was meticulous and passionate, and that the products lived up to the hype. Foria’s star product is Awaken, a personal lubricant formulated with full-spectrum hemp CBD.

We let our readers quiz Foria’s communication’s director, Kiana Reeves, anonymously on everything about Awaken – from THC worries to painful sex and better orgasms. Kiana, also a doula and sexual wellness educator, told us everything (see the Insta Stories in our Highlights) about CBD for pleasure — and we were blown away. Here’s everything you need to know… 

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What’s the purpose of putting CBD in lube?

CBD in lube can do a lot of things. It’s anti-inflammatory and works with the cannabinoid receptors in the pelvis which mitigate pain and anxiety and work with the central nervous system to help regulate stress and tension. But it’s not just CBD in this formula: Awaken has eight different organic plant extracts that really harmonize and work together with your body’s own arousal network to support and increase pleasure and decrease any pain or tension.

What are the benefits of CBD for sex?

The benefits of Awaken that our customers have been finding are that it is deeply enhancing pleasure, access to sensation, access to orgasm, heightened arousal, increasing self-lubrication and decreasing any pain — which is a very common issue that many women experience but don’t often talk about.

Does it work?

Awaken does work. Everybody is unique so you’re going to feel a different response in your body depending on how it’s working with you. It’s working on a nervous system level, on a biochemical level, on a sensory level and with your tissues. The kava, the CBD and the cacao in the formula are all interacting with the endocannabinoid system, along with the central nervous system, and the erectile tissue network — to decrease any stress or tension in the body to allow for full embodiment and access to sensation.

Does this help if sex can be uncomfortable for me? 

It’s really common to experience pain or discomfort especially during penetrative intercourse, and what we found with our customers is there’s a tremendous benefit to anyone who is experiencing discomfort. The kava in the formula works with the nervous system to really help relax, mind and body — it’s antispasmodic, and also analgesic which means it’s relieving muscle tension and pain. The CBD is anti-inflammatory and also helps with anxiety — which again, helps with stress levels.

Will it help if you’re super small down there?If you’re feeling like you’re “small” at your introitus (which is the opening of the vagina) it’s actually most likely linked to tension in your pelvic floor — it can be hypertonic muscles, or your body clenching. Doing some breath work and really working with embodiment with your pelvis alongside using Foria Awaken for gentle, exploratory self-pleasuring is something that can be tremendously beneficial.

foria wellness cbd lube

Does this make you feel high? There’s no THC, but I’m still scared to try.

Awaken is formulated and extracted from hemp, so there’s no THC. It’s non-psychoactive. You will probably feel relaxed in your body but you won’t feel any kind of psychoactive high. Because the product is not made with THC it’s available almost worldwide* for shipping which is great because more people have access to this amazing medicine.

I’m completely sober but I’m interested in the healing properties of CBD. Is this for me?

This is definitely something you can use, even if you’re sober, because it has no psychoactive properties to it. The hemp extract itself you can buy in stores everywhere. There are some studies actually coming out that are describing how CBD can be useful in helping people get off of things like opioids, nicotine, and other addictive substances because it’s such a therapeutic balancer for the body.

Putting coconut oil in a vagina can disrupt the pH. So why is the coconut oil an ingredient?

This product has been on the market now for a little over two years. The feedback we consistently get is how beneficial it is for vaginal ph. Coconut oil actually can be anti-microbial, anti-fungal and it works really well within the normal range of vaginal pH.

Any side effects?

We havn’t gotten much feedback about negative side effects, but if you’re sensitive to tree nuts, coconut or you have a sensitive system, test it out on a different body part like your arm or your lip before you use it.

Does it give you better orgasms?

Orgasms aren’t a magic pill, nothing is going to ‘give’ them to you, but what this is doing is working with your own natural arousal network. That’s really important because you really need a lot of blood-flow in your genital tissues to be able to experience heightened orgasms and heightened sensitivity. The kava, the cinnamon, the ginger, the mint — all of the ingredients work together to increase that blood flow. I get emails every day from our customers that they’re having the best orgasms of their life, they’re not experiencing any pain for the first time, and they’re having radically different experiences in partnered and in solo sexual experiences with themselves,  and they are really being able to get embodied in their pelvis and feel things more.

Is it edible?

This product and all of our products are edible, vegan, gluten-free and never made with any synthetics at all. The Awaken formula tastes great.

TCM Exclusive: Readers get 15% off your order with promo code ‘chalkboard’. One use per customer through July 19, 2018

* While Foria would love to ship everywhere there are some shipping restrictions. We currently cannot ship to Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Tenessee, West Virginia, Spain, Portugal, and South Sudan.

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