When there’s a wave of weird energy that we can all suddenly feel but can’t quite articulate, there’s a good chance the planets are at least partly to blame. The past week has been host to some unique astrological events (including today’s Summer Solstice 2019) that have sparked energetic shifts so strong that our whole editorial team tapped into its influence before even knowing it was a thing.

To help make sense of it all, we turned to Nicola Behrman, an energy alchemist and spiritual sage who has an acute awareness of astro happenings and a deep understanding of their earthy implications. Below, she provides a taste of what’s going on in the energetic realms right now and why so many of us are feeling the intensity of it. Want more? Join Nicola today Friday, June 21st for an intimate online seminar all about the energy of the Summer Solsitce and tools to ease the intensity; get the details below…

Can You Feel It?

The energy right now.

I know many are feeling it. The last 36 hours particularly have been some for the record books in many ways. I hope you are being super gentle with yourself.

What’s actually going on?

We are in the midst of an unfathomably powerful week and there is a lot of healing taking place – whether you realize it consciously or not.

The timing of the strawberry full moon on Monday was fascinating, and it is certainly not playing around. It followed straight off the heels of Father’s Day and leads us up to the Summer Solstice 2019 on June 21st, and just happens to land right in the midst of some very major solar flares that are affecting us all. And while full moons are often about release and clearing out the old this one was an incredibly powerful manifesting moon.

What does that mean? 

You possibly got a taste of this already in the last few days — a sense of very very old, core wounds possibly coming up for review, mixed in with some moments of good news, completion of projects, opportunities opening up in tangible ways… because ultimately this is where we are going, but we cannot get there without a little reconfiguration. It’s simply the journey that we are all on. We can talk about it in terms of energetics and alchemy and awakening, or we can simply say this: any places that we have rejected ourselves or abandoned ourselves, or have had a pattern of being too hard on ourselves are up for review, and as we heal and reclaim those spaces our lives shift in the external realms.

It doesn’t matter if we use woo-woo terms. The work is the same. It can feel heinous in real time, it can feel like a part of us is dying (because it is) it asks for a surrendering of control that has kept has “safe” for eons. Ultimately it’s incredibly beautiful and bodes well for what is to come, but it’s tough to realize and take ownership of the places we have rejected ourselves internally and then discovered the ways in which that rises to meet in the external. The good news is that we are feeling it to heal it. We are not simply reliving childhood fears and wounds. These wounds are shifting and we are feeling and witnessing the alchemy of that in real time.

What To Do With All Of This

Just remember that there is more going on behind the scenes than there is in front of our eyes. Our work is to work with the energetics, to heal the stuff internally so that, as Jung said so beautifully, it doesn’t need to show up in the external and greet us as “fate.” And of course this is all taking place around the time of Father’s Day because ultimately this invites profound healing of the masculine spaces, within and without, and how we engage with the masculine spaces, within and without.

It’s masterful work. And we do not have to understand it consciously to be able to feel into the truth of it. We’re all on this ride, and if it’s painful or triggering or if there are deep tears coming forward (as there seem to be for so many right now according to our social media) just know that you are doing amazingly. Find support. Know that you are not alone, and know that it is unfolding beautifully. This is very sacred work.

Join Nicola For A Summer Solstice 2019 Seminar
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Inspired by the energies of these times and the above sharing, Nicole will be teaching about The Art Of Allowing. The seminar aims to clear some old patterns of self-rejection, and help you create a space of safety and calm so that you’ll be able to hear tangible next steps on your own personal journey.


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