For many women, finding out that they have polycystic ovary syndrome — an increasingly common hormonal disorder — can throw a wrench in the way they feel in their bodies. Nicole Granato, a women’s health expert who beat her own PCOS by holistic means, wants her clients to understand that a PCOS diagnosis doesn’t mean your body is broken. It means you need to start loving it a little harder. To offset the strain of PCOS symptoms, which can create a rift between us and our sexual identities, Nicole is sharing a few essential self-love tips and techniques…

As women, we experience hormonal shifts constantly. As women with PCOS, these shifts can be incredibly daunting and difficult to navigate away from interfering with our everyday life and partnerships. Being diagnosed with PCOS gives you this overwhelming feeling of something being wrong with your body and a loss of control — physically, mentally and emotionally.

After PCOS takes over, a lot of women begin to look at their bodies with sadness instead of love. Our sexual desires become less and less due to irregulated hormones as well as the strain we deal with mentally as the emotional spiral continues.

If you are struggling with PCOS and are experiencing this, you are not alone. We all have been through it. What if we began to figure out a way to treat our bodies and minds better while going through this disorder — or really any for that matter? How can we improve self-care and self-love in a way that will also connect is to our libido to get us feeling desirable and sexy again?

The Self-Care Massage

This is one of my favorite things to do when I am feeling any pain or discomfort. I also do this when I am feeling totally fine to help increase blood flow and move any stagnant energy in my pelvis. This will help increase sex drive and can help induce a period.

Take a body oil of your choice and in clockwise motions take your hand over your ovaries and rub in circular motions. You can use a little more pressure with the tips of your fingers and slowly apply pressure where you feel you want. If you can do this for about 5 minutes every evening before bed it can help make a huge difference!

Ashwagandha + Chlorophyll In The Morning

Ashwagandha is an amazing herb for the nervous system and sexual health. Chlorophyll is a detoxifier and balancer of the system. If you drink these two herbs in conjunction in the morning you are supporting the detoxification of your organs, improving sexual health and the nervous system! I love taking one dropper of each in a glass of water daily.

Limit caffeine to 1 cup a day

One thing that does not support PCOS is too much caffeine along with your adrenals that will directly connect to your sex drive. Try sticking to 1 cup of coffee or green tea a day to help keep your hormones and adrenal glands happy.

I have worked with women for about 5 years now struggling with PCOS and hormone imbalances and while to natural road to healing hormone imbalance after PCOS takes hold is not overnight little things along the road matter. Rituals that keep you feeling good and healthy and the way we treat and listen to our bodies! Self-care is crucial not just when you are sick but as a way of life.

Learn more about sexual wellbeing after PCOS with these tips from Nicole

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