The Sexiest Health Tip Ever: 5 Luxe Body Oils For Lymphatic Massage

Is lymphatic massage the new foreplay? Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, but lymphatic massage is having a moment for its effective immunity-boosting and detoxifying capabilities – with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d find ways to work this beneficial habit into our routine more easily by making it a group activity. Find one of our favorite holistic massage oils below, grab your sweetheart, and make this health-boosting habit a ton more fun…

The lymphatic system (learn the basics here) is an area of the body that doesn’t get enough attention. Whether we have the purest diets or most active lifestyles, our bodies still create metabolic wastes that need to be properly processed and removed – and that’s where the lymphatic system comes in.

The main function of the lymph is to cleanse these toxins and protect our bodies against other invaders. Unlike other systems of the body, the lymph doesn’t have a “pump.” It can easiliy become backed up and stagnant, leading to common issues from lowered immunity and persistent colds, fluid retention, swelling, cellulite, circulation issues, puffy eyes, chronic sinusitis, allergies, PMS, and low energy. Any of these sound familiar?

Our lymph system is helped by daily movement – dancing, running, jumping walking – but also through regular massage. This delicate system covers just about every inch of the body and lies just under the surface of your skin so it’s easy to activate. Practiced daily, we can begin to notice improvements in mood, immunity…and it may even help shed a few pounds of toxic water-weight build up.

Grab our step by step instructions for lymphatic massage herehand off to your partner, and pick from one of our favorite holistic oils to help set the mood.

Our top 5 Lymphatic-Stimulating Body oils and butters:

Pratima Love Oil 
From one of our favorite ayurvedic skincare lines, this unique and nurturing body oil blend is sweet and spicy. Essences of cinnamon, clove, lavender, rose, vanilla and cardamom soothe and stimulate your skin. This oil smells incredible – good enough to eat!


Good Body Calendula Body Balm 
Blended with calming calendula and soothing lemon balm and jasmine, this body butter won’t only help stimulate your lymph but will help to alleviate any skin irritation you’ve got. It may even boost libido and balance those menstrual mood swings. This is a cure all!

Shiva Rose Nectar Body Oil 
With an intoxicating feminine aroma of ylang ylang, cardamom and sandalwood mixed in sweet almond and evening primrose oil, this sensual oil blend soothes the skin and eases the mind.


Black Chicken Love Your Body Oil 
This beyond-nourishing all-natural body oil is loaded with deliciously scented (nutmeg, geranium and patchouli) and invigorating essential oils from avocado and carrot. Designed to protect and soothe delicate skin, this oil with a more masculine scent is the perfect one to share with your man.

African Botanics Marula Firming Botanical Oil 
Loaded with plant collagens, plenty of antioxidants and stimulating invigorating green coffee, this oil helps to boost circulation, effectively hydrate, tone and detoxify. With the rich smell of cocoa, coffee flower, rose and neroli, we need this oil stat!


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