THERE IS A TEMPERATURE at which popsicles aren’t just a treat, they are a necessity. Every summer, we get a certain level of childhood nostalgia for frozen treats of every kind, however, our adult tastebuds and clean eating ways mean that our freezers are filled with much different treats than they were when we were kids.

There are few better moments of summer goodness than opening up the freezer to a wash of cool air and a frozen refreshment. As charmed as we may feel by old school ice pops for a moment, we’d rather stock our grown-up kitchen with treats that we could serve in style to friends who drop by in the afternoon or kids who need a chilly snack. Top of our list since trying them last month, Sambazon’s Superfruit Açaí Bites are covered in dark chocolate, contain refreshing acai, and have an impressive four grams of sugar per piece.

7 Fun Ideas for The Freezer This Summer

Sambazon Superfruit Açaí Bites | It’s rare to find a sweet little snack like this that hits all the marks for summer snacking: only 4 grams of sugar and 50 calories, freezing cold and actually delicious. Sambazon’s chocolate-covered acai bites are organic, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free — the perfect bit of bite-sized goodness to stash at the office for afternoon pick-me-ups or at home for hot summer nights.

COFFEE ICE CUBES | ‘Tis the season for cold brew. DIY iced coffee can easily go awry, especially if you’re adding regular ice cubes to the mix. Keep your cold brew full-strength by freezing a portion of the cooled brew into an ice tray and using the coffee ice cubes in every glass! Works incredibly for iced tea too.

DIY ACAI BOWLS | Acai bowls at home are good, but acai bowls at the office are even better. Beat the afternoon slump this summer and treat your team to a round of smoothies or bowls. Sambazon makes organic Superfruit Açaí Packs that are blender-ready and make pure, fantastic acai bowls and smoothies in an instant. Either set up a toppings bar for a fun summer break or keep it simple and eat them straight.

Try An Ice Roller | You don’t know bliss until you pull an ice roller out of the freezer on a scorching summer afternoon. Ice rollers are facial beauty tool that stays in the freezer and can be rolled up and across the face for improved circulation, increased skin firmness and reduced puffiness. They can also help with pain relief. We love using a roller first thing in the morning to depuff, after a long day lounging outside to help cool-down over-sunned skin, or even during a night-in to reduce muscle soreness from all those summers adventures.

FROZEN GRAPES | Grapes are good in any form, but in the summer there’s nothing better than keeping a bunch in the freezer for candy-like snacks when the temperatures rise. If we had to pick a favorite single-ingredient candy hack, this would be it. The self-contained little snacks have the perfect amount of crunch and deliver a blast of natural sweetness. If you’ve never tried grapes frozen, try throwing a bunch or two in the freezer this weekend and thank us later.

CHILL YOUR FACIAL MIST | A super-hydrating facial mist can be a skin-saver year round, but especially during the hot summer months when we’re prone to dehydration and dryness. Throw your fave spritz in the freezer for ten minutes in the morning or afternoon, then pull out for the most refreshing experience ever. 

HERBAL BEAUTY CUBES | Our last healthy freezer hack isn’t for eating, but it will definitely cool you down. We make herbal tea ice cubes often, ever since we learned how from a top LA aesthetician. Freezing freshly brewed chamomile or green tea into ice cubes can be used to depuff the face and delicate eye area after long days in the sun. Chamomile and green tea are packed with anti-inflammatory, skin-calming benefits that are both enhanced by cold application. The ice helps to improve circulation and tone the skin, while the tea delivers antioxidants and soothes redness.

Have a healthy frozen hack we missed? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to try
Sambazon’s Superfruit Açaí Bites for yourself, enter to win bite-sized goodness for you
and a friend during their summer giveaway below!

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  1. These ideas are AHmazing!! Can’t wait to try a roller and make coffee ice cubes! Every summer I start making simple popsicles too…so refreshing and EASY to make (blend some stuff up in a blender and pour in the molds, done!)

    Jodi Graham | 07.11.2019 | Reply

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